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chrom regretandtestify
Artist: Chrom
Title: Regret & Testify
Genre: Synth Pop/ Future Pop
Release Date: 14th November 2014
Label: Out of Line

Single Review

Since 2007, Christian Marquis and Thomas Winters are working together to produce music with their band CHROM. The band’s sound is a mix of Synth and Future Pop music with catchy synth melodies and refrains that turn to ear worms. The band has a special talent to write club-like dance melodies combined with meaningful lyrics and on top there is usually this refrain you will never get out of your head. Sometimes cause it’s the melody you want to hum for hours, sometimes it’s only the lyrics. And so it is not a miracle that ‘Regret & Testify’ is made of the same recipe.

Try to listen to it once and you won’t get the refrain out of your head for hours and this makes you want to listen to the song on repeat. The Single comes up with several remixes from bands like FROZEN PLASMA, TOO DEAD TO DIE, ROB DUST and an Extended mix. My personal favourite of all those mixes is the ‘Extended Mix’ just because it makes the song even more danceable and is a perfect version for a club night. As adding only remixes would be plain boring, the band put a song called ‘Rage Against The World’ which sounds a bit harder than ‘Regret & Testify’. If you search for a track to put on when doing sports, well there it is.


01. Regret & Testify
02. Regret & Testify (Too Dead To Die Remix)
03. Regret & Testify (Frozen Plasma Remix)
04. Regret & Testify (Rob Dust Remix)
05. Regret & Testify (Extended Mix)
06. Rage Against The World


Christian Marquis
Thomas Winters

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chrom regretandtestify


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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