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agonoize12K17, Berlin, Germany
1st to 3rd March 2013
Out of Line Weekender Day 1: The Juggernauts, Chrom, Eisenfunk, Solitary Experiments, Agonoize

It’s the first weekend in March and the second Out of Line Weekender was well-prepared to welcome guest from near and far. Berlin’s K17 was the festival area for so many Out of Line bands this year. Three days of electronic music from soft to hard were organized to surprise the audience with really different bands.

The Juggernauts
The first festival day was started by the Belgian Electro duo THE JUGGERNAUTS who consist of BORG (aka Peter Mastbooms of THE KLINIK and ex-VOMITO NEGRO) and Glenn (RADICAL G.) They entered the stage in pilot outfits including helmets to win the slightly bored Berlin audience for their beats. In fact the first band always has some problems to win the audience, people were listening but not dancing much. I saw confusion but also interest in people’s faces. By the end of THE JUGGERNAUT show some, people seemed to be more interested in this EBM band then when they just started. // / // Setlist: 01. The Juggernauts Are Coming / 02. Damaged Illusions / 03. Phoenix / 04. Drinking Blood / 05. Plastic World / 06. Religion


CHROM was the second band to make the evening, a danceable one. Founded in 2007 by Christian Marquis and Thomas Winters, the band’s danceable and melodic sounds made the people nod their heads and also dance a bit. Hard bass sounds, electronic sounds and also melodic elements created a good atmosphere for dancers. The powerful voice of the lead singer supported by harsh electronic elements were an interesting mixture to heat the audience up for the other bands to come. The light at the K17 was not the best one, but the band was seen and of course heard by everyone. Even in the bar area people starred at the installed screen to watch the show of CROM. // // Setlist: 01. Morbid Mind / 02. Walked The Line / 03. In My World / 04. Slave / 05. Loneliness / 06.Memories


The electronic and technoid sounds of EISENFUNK opened their performance. Some people really seemed to wait for Michael Mayer and his band. I saw some Cyber kids running to the front of stage area and also strict AGONOIZE fans started moving when the band played their well-known song ‘Pong’. Whoever expected poetic lyrics was at the wrong place when these guys did their show, but who was there for dancing and fun stuff got what he wanted.


Solitary Experiments
Some hard-core SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS girls discussed with their AGONOIZE fan boyfriend right before the melodic EBM band started their show. It was quite fun to listen to and SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS have a lot of fans as it seemed. To me their setlist sounded like one really long playing sound but I was told that this is the typical SE sound. They also played a new song which could have been written and played by Ronan Harris of VNV NATION. The audience enjoyed the show and sung the bands songs with fervour. // / // Setlist: 01. Stars / 02. Pale Candlelight / 03. Point of View / 04. Epiphany / 05. Delight / 06. Immortal / 07. No Salvation / 08. Rush of Ecstasy / 09. Watching over you / 10. Trial and Error / 11. Rise and Fall


The Berlin Harsh Electro band AGONOIZE were headliner of this day. Expecting a lot of fake blood, fake sperm, hard rhythms and drunk EBM fans dancing around, I got shocked by their performance coming up today. I always expect a lot strange stuff when AGONOIZE appear on stage but this time they topped all my expectations and wildest dreams - if this is good or bad is in the point of you of everyone him- or herself. Well, the band entered the stage with some pretty girl who had needles in her eyebrows and who started to pierce herself with some kind of roulade skewer through her cheeks and belly. If the mission was to really shock the audience, then the mission was successfully completed.


In my eyes it was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life and I don’t really want to see stuff like that again. Though some guys there seemed to like what the girl did – it’s a question of having taste in art or not I think. Then the typical fake blood and sperm show started with known songs. Who expected stuff like that got the whole shocking AGONOIZE overdose this evening. Blood-sperm-beats – AGONOIZE. / // Setlist: 01. Intro/ Earpain / 02. Slave to the needle / 03. Glaubenskrieger / 04. Pavillion 5 / 05. Blutverlust / 06. Dafür / 07. Alarmstufe Rot / 08. Koprolalie / 09. Vollrauschfetischist / 10. Sacrifice / 11. Femme Fatale / 12. Suizid / 13. For the sick and disturbed / 14. Gottlos / 15. Blut Sex Tod


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All pictures by Simon Hönscheid

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