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solitaryexperiments heavenlysymphony
Artist: Solitary Experiments
Title: Heavenly Symphony
Genre: Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Orchestral
Release Date: 22nd May 2015
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

It says in the introduction that SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS mainly focusses on synth pop and electro pop. But this CD is a new and very successful experiment in a new direction. ‘Heavenly Symphony’ is a compilation of the most known songs by this band put in a symphonic version. 0% electro, 100% emotions! This album might be influenced by their performance on the 4th ‘Gothic meets Classic’ in 2014 which was completely overwhelming. You can hear that the voice of singer Dennis Schober does not need any electronic editing to be breath-taking. In the combination with the classic ensemble orchestra the well-known songs are put in a very new shape.

Very interesting and essential pieces of the new songs are the more or less epic intros where you can only hear the orchestra playing. Every song is a new and very unique work and not comparable to the existing electronic versions. You can hear out how much fun it was to try a new genre and how much emotions where put in every single vocal. Goosebumps guaranteed! Every song comes with a new interpretation and its remarkable how the orchestra has converted the existing synth sounds to a very timeless sound. Though most of the lyrics where more profound and melancholic you get a really great feeling of positive feelings while listening. ‘Beg Your Pardon’ for example now sounds more like an apology with a happy ending and would fit extremely good in a movie.

All in all the songs have a slightly dark touch because of the lyrics but the way how the instrumental and the vocals work together it’s more like the sunrise after a very cold night. Especially the symphonic version of ‘Epiphany’ has a very bright and playful introduction played by a piano in combination with several violins. I wonder when the first songs become part of an OST of a movie. Cause this CD has definitely that potential.


01. The Edge Of Life
02. Immortal
03. Beg Your Pardon
04. Déjà vu
05. Delight
06. Epiphany
07. Trial And Error
08. Stars


Michael Thielemann - Composition, Arrangements, Recording
Dennis Schober - Lyrics, Vocals
Steve Greaber - Sampling, Programming
Frank Glassl - Live-Drums, Percussions


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solitaryexperiments heavenlysymphony


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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