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se2Galvanik, Zug, Switzerland
1st June 2013
Kino Grotesk with live acts Enter and Fall & Solitary Experiments

Last Saturday, the Galvanik club in Zug / Switzerland was offering a special party night with nothing less than six DJs and two live acts. Kino Grotesk is a well-known gothic-electro party in Switzerland. For their new event they invited two live-acts, which are not often play in Switzerland. The Galvanik club in Zug is a very nice venue, easy to reach by train and car not far away from Zürich. Unfortunately not so much people as expected came.

Enter and Fall

ENTER AND FALL was founded in 2008. The band describes its sound as a mix of impulsive EBM, Synth Pop and spherical songs. The EP ‘Push Enter’ was released in 2009, the album ‘Push enter and fall down’ followed in 2012 and was presented during a support tour through Germany with PROJECT PITCHFORK in the same year. ENTER AND FALL is David G. (vocals, lyrics, music, programming, visual concepts) Jenna K. (backing vocals), Toni T (backing vocals, live keys) and Markus O (live keys, booking, visual concepts). /


Music & Performance
At 22:30, ENTER AND FALL started with enormous power their first performance ever in Switzerland. The audience started to dance. The performance on stage was very dynamic and David interacted very smart with the people in front of stage. After some fast tracks, Jenna entered the stage. The music style also changed in this moment to fluffier Synth Pop. ENTER AND FALL closed their set with faster songs again. I am really curious how this band will develop in the future; first impression was promising to me.


01. Intro + Running out (Club Mix)
02. Back in Time
03. A little Girl
04. So bye bye
05. Lose Control
06. So much to see
07. A face without a name
08. Paradox
09. Aufsicht Ost

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10


Solitary Experiments

SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS have been a household name for solid, catchy, high quality electro sounds more than 13 years now. The band formed in 1994. Firmly rooted in hard EBM and with a hand of memorable melodies, they have found its very own niche in the electro scene. After a long time the smart band from Berlin came back to Switzerland for an exclusive concert presenting well-known old classics and new material. SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS consists of Dennis Schober (vocals and lyrics), Michael Thielemann (music, keyboards, recording), Steve Graeber (music, keyboards) and Frank Glassl (live drums). /


Music & Performance
Around midnight, SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS entered the stage with the mystic intro of ‘Words of wisdom’. Unfortunately, a small technical accident happened and the show had to restart again. Dennis, singer of the band, took this with a lot of humour and people took this also in a funny way. SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS played their best songs, two covers (Kirlian Camera and Depeche Mode) and also the new single from the upcoming new album. The audience danced and celebrated together with the band. A wonderful night passed by so fast. Hope to see the band soon back in Switzerland.


01. Words of wisdom
02. Stars
03. Homesick
04. Pale candle light
05. Point of view
06. Rush of Ectasy
07. Delight
08. No Salvation (New)
09. Still alive
10. Immortal
11. Edges (KC-Cover)
12. The dark inside me
13. Miracle
14. Rise and fall
15. Trial and error
16. Rush (DM-Cover)
17. Watching over you
18. Glory and honour V2

Music: 8.5
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 8 / 10


All pictures by Annie Bertram (

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