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vnv aj23Eventwerk, Dresden, Germany
29th March 2015
E-Werk Ost Festival with Head-less, Torul, Solitary Experiments, De/Vision and VNV Nation

One day after the E-Tropolis Festival in Oberhausen, I headed for the E-Werk Ost Festival in Dresden. A short interlude after a 5 hours journey in Leipzig, catching up on some sleep, then into the estate car with my dear companion heading towards the Saxonian capital to see HEAD-LESS, TORUL, SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS, DE/VISION and VNV NATION again. And to interview SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS (expect the interview soon).


HEAD-LESS were the opener of the evening and for an opener, the venue was already quite full. People from Dresden are simply punctual and thus, Rene Hentzschel, Matthias Marko and Markus Otto could play in front of quite many interested listeners. The golden curtain was an interesting action which then fell. Reminded a bit of DEPECHE MODE's Devotional tour. Like the dance moves of the singer. Why so many synth singers have to imitate Dave Gahan's dance style will probably always remain a secret to me. Musically, HEAD-LESS are not my thing at all, the melodies are nice, the vocals sound a bit tortured to me and has a particular dark wave sound. A bit 80s, but for all one is worth. And yet Rene Hentzschel really has a beautiful voice when he speaks. What a pity, actually. // / // Rating: 7 / 10

headless aj08headless aj18


I would see TORUL for the third time this weekend. I think it's slowly understood that I like the Slovenians. They are also personally great. During my interview with SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS the setlists of the last concerts were written into my notebook. But to get away from characterisations: It was again a thought adventure with melancholic undertone. A bit thoughtful, then highly emotional, something to shout along to, in between to dream on and switch off one's brain in order to drift in synth sounds. That's how a wide part of the audience felt, eyes were closed and singer Jan's voice was followed suit. // / // Setlist: 1. Lonely Night / 2. The Balance / 3. Difficult to Kill / 4. Hearts / 5. All / 6. Try / 7. The Fall / 8. Show Me Your City / 9. The Sun // Rating: 10 / 10

torul aj20torul aj22

Solitary Experiments

SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS thrilled the strongly filled venue from the beginning. It seemed almost as if the last ones from the smoking area or from the bar were getting together in front of the stage now in order to see Dennis Schober and his band colleagues from close up. Absolute party mood with everything that belongs to it. Singing along, clapping along, squeaking happily. Like on the day before in Oberhausen. I think I have never seen a performance of the band at which this mood and this hustle were not present. Of course ‘Delight’ was also played, simply the “classic”. What hides behind the song especially for Dennis can be read in the interview. // / // Setlist: 1. Trial and Error / 2. Immortal / 3. Point of View / 4. Game Over / 5. Steering Wheel / 6. Delight / 7. Epiphany / 8. Rise and Fall / 9. Stars // Rating: 10 / 10

solitaryexperiments aj13solitaryexperiments aj09


DE/VISION fared definitely better than on the day before because in Dresden many people were pushing to the front to see Steffen Keth and Thomas Adam close by. What is there to write about DE/VISION? The band has existed for more than 25 years, Steffen and Thomas are an absolutely perfectly well-practised team and complete professionals. Would the world begin to die out, I would love to be at a DE/VISION show. Not only because Steffen Keth has a wonderful voice but because I think that nothing, absolutely nothing, could ruffle them. From the first tune, the band had the crowd under control – clapping along, singing along, dancing along and that in the best synth way were the result. // / // Rating: 9 / 10

devision aj13devision aj11

VNV Nation

Once again, VNV NATION were the headliner of the evening. Fortunately for all visitors, Ronan was in a much better mood than on the day before in Oberhausen. There was no “For fuck's sake”, no complaining about the light tech, no blaring at people in the crowd. That was great. It's left to say that VNV NATION really have a lot of fans and make absolutely danceable music. Here and there, I found their performances too boring regarding the setlist. That changed, though, because more danceable and celebratable songs were performed again. That lifts the mood of the crowd and fulfils the last expectations of a show evening. I find it a pity, somehow, that Ronan had such “lapses” during the last performances. Sure, perfectionism and wanting to do best are one thing, insulting people with whom one works is another. One can utter one's criticism, one's wishes also in a more friendly manner. This motivates colleagues surely more to fulfil the wishes rather than a harsh insult. Subsequently I want to say that I really like the music – but I don't want to see VNV NATION anymore when the singer insults technicians in an impossible way. // / // Rating: 8 / 10

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Written by Fee Wundersee, translation by Alex UltraRiot
All pictures by Alex Jung (

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