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devisionKulttempel, Oberhausen, Germany
10th November 2018
De/Vision & Neocoma

And again a concert in the BEST club in Germany. Always cheerful staff, always friendly visitors and first-class sound. So also on this evening, when the well-filled Kulttempel awaited the concert of the DE/VISION “Citybeats Tour” with excitement.


The inspirations of NEOCOMA are to be found both in the big ones of the scene, but also in the everyday happenings that can make one despair. Ralf and Thomas began composing music together in their youth in 1989. Two years later their ways parted, but the music remained a constant companion for both. In 1999 and 2001 two songs were created for the Spacenight and today Thomas is on stage together with Nele Anders. /

neocoma D3S9765 klein

Music & Performance
NEOCOMA are real and not as artificial as many other bands. The fact that the singer goes on stage despite injury and gets more and more exuberant with the progress of the show has to be mentioned positively. Supported by keyboarder / second singer and later also guitarist, the songs make their way into the hall. Clean Synth Pop is the base to which the lyrics are spoken. The content has depth and is filled with power by the sequences. The DEPECHE MODE cover ’Personal Jesus’ on the acoustic guitar relaxes the set. The audience celebrates warmly and claps gratefully.

neocoma D3S9776 klein

01. Like An Angel (Video)
02. Shut Up
03. Save Your Soul
04. Soul Diver
05. Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode Cover)
06. Let You Fall
07. Mirror In Your Eyes
08. Wake Up
09. All I Need

Music: 7
Performance: 6
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 6.8 / 10

neocoma D4S9840 klein


Steffen Keth (vocals) and Thomas Adam (keyboard) can look back on a successful 30-year band history with DE/VISION this year. Since their foundation in July 1988 in Bensheim near Darmstadt, they have been among the qualitatively most reliable acts of their genre and have already built themselves more than one monument. Since the guitars have left the music, the popularity continues to grow and they have fans all over the world. Today, DE/VISION os Steffen Keth and Thomas Adam supported by live drummer Markus Köstner. Thirteen studio albums and worldwide tours have earned the band a reputation as a great live act. /

devision D4S9883 klein

Music & Performance
The intro is on, Thomas and Markus enter the stage and when the first song starts, Steffen joins them. The fans know the lyrics by heart and sing along from the very start with ‘They Will not Silence Us’ and even top it already with ‘Rage’, which is clearly inspired by DEPECHE MODE. The audience won’t stop singing during the whole concert. The setlist included lots of classics, like ‘Your Hands On My Skin’ and ‘I Regret’, as well as newer songs from the latest albums, like ‘A Strom Is Rising’ and ‘Their World’. The sound is very well mixed and DE/VISION convince with the usual professionalism and good humour. The powerful songs are fun and the audience joins in the celebration. The mood can simply be summarized as outstanding. Steffen shined on stage with his great voice and varied dance. The audience wanted more, wanted to dance and got involved in the show. Meanwhile, the band counts as veterans in the scene and to the already great concert with ‘Try to Forget’ and the audience’s arms are reaching to the sky.

devision D4S9871 klein

The drums provide for a completely different live experience than you would expect from the CDs and the older songs are more supple and danceable in the new sound. The interaction with the audience needed to warm up a little though. The fact that some people placed their drinks on stage next to the expensive sound system (even though there were signs forbidding to place drinks there) and did not think it is necessary to take their glasses away was not helpful. But DE/VISION are professionals, so the glass was just put away by Steffen. From then on, the audience was encouraged to clap and to cheer, so that, according to his own words “the mole of the Synth Pop scene” also get something from the audience since he only could see not much more than one row. (Information: Steffen Keth is wearing glasses and actually changes his contact lenses for the stage and saw nothing). Two encores with a total of four songs were reason for a good mood again and we do not interpret as a bad omen that the last song was ‘Last Goodbye’.

devision D3S9809 klein

01. Not In My Nature (Intro)
02. They Won’t Silence Us
03. Rage
04. Essence
05. Brothers in Arms
06. Synchronize
07. I Regret
08. Remember
09. Blue Dinner
10. The Brightest Star
11. Where’s The Light?
12. Try To Forget
13. Endlose Träume
14. Binary Soldier
15. Your Hands On My Skin
16. A Storm Is Rising
17. Under Heavy Fire
18. Flavour of the Week
19. Their World
20. Last Goodbye

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.3 / 10

devision D4S9958 klein

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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