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devision rocketsandswords
Artist: De/Vision
Title: Rockets & Swords
Genre: Electro Pop
Release Date: 24th August 2012
Label: Popefahr Records

Album Review

So, one of the very limited number of bands in this genre I actually still love to listen to comes up with a new album called 'Rockets and Swords', visually picking up a very comic-ish style. As for the content, it is not so much fiction as I'd sometimes like it to be. It would make it much easier to still believe in an ideal world. The start of the new album is made by a very clean club track ‘Boy Toy’ with only very few melodies utilized, unusual for DE/VISION. 'Superhuman' is the type of song that falls into the category classic synth pop and an example of how looks can be deceiving and that glitter and polish only cover the nasty face of somebody or something. From super light on the outside we go straight to super-heavy with 'The Beauty Of Decay', incorporating a slightly more experimental take on the genre with a flawless chorus, dissolving the themes of oppression revoked before. The first single of the album, 'Brotherhood Of Man', was what I was getting at in my first lines.. On this one the band sets out on a journey through the cold reality of today's world and the ghettos of modern civilization.

'Stargazer' describes the lengths some people would go to achieve one specific goal. The magical epiphany however never comes even if they send a prayer to heaven drenched in magically fluid synth work. Finally something for the club crowd with 'Binary Soldier', however a separate club mix would do it good. In case you have missed the ballad here it is; titled 'Want To Believe' it lines up with the plethora of other DE/VISION ballads. Placid and centring on Steffen's haunting vocal presence. Following 'Bipolar' covers the extreme emotional states form the ill person's view wrapped in a clean and melodious synth pop track. For me the album peaks with 'Mystified'; which is exemplary for the duo's capabilities. It's emotional depth and the entire fabric make it something of a modern 'Moments We Shared'. Listening through the album over and over again the conclusion is getting clearer to me. This is what 'Popgefahr' could have been if it were given a little more time. Don't want to bash the album since it had very strong tracks, but 'Rockets & Swords' as a whole is much stronger.


01. Boy Toy - 5:38
02. Superhuman - 5:36
03. Beauty Of Decay - 5:19
04. Brotherhood Of Man - 4:31
05. Stargazer - 5:01
06. Binary Soldier - 5:30
07. Want To Believe - 5:35
08. Bipolar - 5:46
09. Mystified - 5:05
10. Running All Night - 6:29


Steffen Keth
Thomas Adam

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devision rocketsandswords


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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