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Batschkapp, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
05th April 2009
De/Vision, Janosch Moldau, X-Divide

According to the tour’s title “20 Jahre live – Electronic Set”, DE/VISION has been a very successful Electro Pop representative in Germany. The formation that consists of Steffen Keth (vocals) and Thomas Adam (keyboards) guarantees a constantly catchy and danceable sound that fills up the clubs´ dance floors; just remember the guys´ hits such as `Try to forget´, `Hands on my Skin´, `Blue Moon´ or `I regret´. Furthermore, the band has always enthused due to its courage to be open-minded concerning the further development of its sound. In 2000, while DE/VISION was recording the album `Void´, the band members brought electric guitars on board, whereas the band had been known and loved for Synth-based music before. In 2007, they went back to their roots and released the more electronic long-player `Noob´.

Hence, it is not surprising that the hard-working duo is often out on business in these days. Recently, DE/VISION was back from a US-tour with the band SEABOUND. In February, the guys started to tour through some German clubs. On 5th April, they played at the club Batschkapp in Frankfurt am Main. As the band is Bensheim-based (Bensheim is a small town which is located near Darmstadt.), it was a bit like a homecoming.,

It was a relaxed atmosphere in front of the Batschkapp´s doors on that warm spring evening. I watched some groups of thirty-something’s, many of them dressed with tour shirts, that gathered to wait for the admission which was finally proceeded at 8pm. I climbed my favourite standing room on the stairs and saw the small stage which seemed to be a way too overcrowded due to many instruments and the lighting equipment. A white guitar was very eye-catching and I asked myself who would play it in the course of the concert evening. Finally, the lights went off and it was time for the first support act X-DIVIDE.


The Cologne duo X-DIVIDE was founded in 1995 and is totally committed to a melodious Synth Pop. The two musicians Eric (vocals) and Jens (keyboards) had played in other formations before. The band signed a contract with the label Infacted Recordings and is going to release an album this year. /

Music & Performance
X-DIVIDE opened up the concert evening at half past 8pm. Unfortunately, the club wasn’t filled up when Eric and Jens went on stage. Their musical style was similar to the one of the host band in its younger days. Thus, X-DIVIDE was well-chosen to be a support act. The songs, for example the rhythmical `My Love is guaranteed´, the nostalgic `So in Love´ (a nice homage to the 1980s) and `Sympathy´ which would have made many people dance, if there had been more listeners. Lead singer Eric has got a comfortable voice and offered a likeable show. However, he and his colleague Jens seemed to be a bit unconfident, maybe the situation depended on the lack of attentive listeners. After 30 minutes, the guys said goodbye and left the stage receiving nice applause of a meanwhile increased audience.

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7.2 / 10

Janosch Moldau

The solo artist JANOSCH MOLDAU released his debut album `Redeemer´ in 2005 and gained a lot of fans due to his emotional and extraordinary Electro Pop. Last year, the musician published his second long-player `Motel Songs´ at his own label Janosch Moldau Records. /

Music & Performance
After a short change over, it was JANOSCH MOLDAU´s turn. Wearing a white suit, a fur cap and colourful paintings on his cheeks, the man coming from Ulm caused a stir right from a start. The dreamy and melancholic compositions were additionally brought out by his individual dance movements. Every now and then, he grabbed the white guitar to accompany himself on it. JANOSCH MOLDAU created the expression “Spiritual Electro Pop” to describe his unusual style - the definition really fits well. Firstly, I was a bit irritated due to the artist’s appearance and the experimental sounds, but later on I was captivated by his smooth voice and the special show he offered. He intonated some songs such as `Clear´, `Not with the Son´ and `Sweetest Heart´ taken from his albums you could also purchase at the merchandise stand. I liked the spherical piece `Follow me´ in particular. After about 45 minutes, the singer was acknowledged with great applause and left for good to make room for DE/VISION.

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 7.7 / 10


Meanwhile, the club was well-filled. Many guests took the last opportunity to buy a drink at the bar or to get some fan stuff at the merchandise stand. Some minutes past 10pm, the lights went off again and the crowd welcomed the eagerly awaited band with a furious applause.

Music & Performance
In the past, Steffen Keth (vocals) and Thomas Adam (keyboards, second vocals) played with several guest musicians who supported them live on stage. This time, they appeared as the duo they are known for, as they concentrated on playing their songs in a purely electronic soundscape according to the tour’s title. When Steffen intonated the first song, `Star-crossed Lovers´, there was no holding back, as everybody was dancing and singing along.

It was great to watch Steffen on stage, as he made some impressing moves and animated the crowd to do the same. Furthermore, he interacted with the first rows in a nice way, as he shook a lot of hands and ordered the fans to clap and to jump. Thomas is the quieter part of the band. Every now and then he smiled because of the euphoric mood, but mostly he concentrated on playing the keyboards. The setlist left no wish unfulfilled as it contained some classics such as `Blue Moon´ or the dance floor anthem `Try to forget´ as well as the awaited hits `Hands on my Skin´, `Dinner without Grace´ and `Flavour of the Week´. While I was watching the show, it came to my mind how productive DE/VISION has always been. The recent compositions are more matured and sophisticated, but I have listened to the band’s music for many years and I even used to do it when I was at school yet. Thus, DE/VISION is still an enrichment of the scene and is definitely worth its attention. Besides the great concert atmosphere, there was a fantastic light show perfecting the event. A generally satisfying evening!

01. Intro / Star-crossed Lovers
02. Strange Affection
03. What It Feels like
04. Today’s Life
05. Addict
06. What You Deserve
07. Bleed Me White
08. Moments We Shared
09. New Drug
10. Blue Moon
11. Foreigner
12. Love Will Find A Way
13. I Regret
14. Drifting Sideways
15. Your Hands on my Skin
16. Flavour of the Week
17. Back in my Life
18. Try to Forget
19. Dinner without Grace
20. Still Unknown

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.3 / 10

All pictures by Katrin Renner (

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