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VNV NationLandskron Kulturbrauerei, Görlitz, Germany
1st December 2019
VNV Nation - “VNV Christmas” 2019

VNV NATION made a really grand December opening for the audience in Kulturbrauerei in Görlitz. The show was completely sold out long before the actual date of the event and the audience gathered in the venue occupied every square inch of available space reacting enthusiastically to the set prepared for the night by the band.

Music & Performance
As I learnt the parties are the tradition for the artists to spend some time with their fans before Christmas and they are also a chance to offer some funds for local charities who support animals. Altogether it not only gives the fans a great occasion to listen to some sensational music, party and relax but also to do some good and support those in need. The concert started on time and it was really perfectly led - both in artistic and technical terms. Very well organized, it featured a fair dose of good humour, marvellous music and amazing lights.

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We could listen to some well-known hits as well as new songs, and I could only appreciate the way Ronan established contact with his audience: the respect he presents towards his fans and the atmosphere of good fun he is capable of building are truly amazing. Dancy beats, loads of emotions and genuine festive atmosphere - this is how I could briefly summarize the entire show. During the concert there were fantastic lights, lots of stories told by Ronan who also distributed loads of red Santa hats so in the end with people wearing them it made it look like a huge Santa Claus congress.

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Majority of the Christmas shows for VNV action were sold out already and that proves very strongly how big impact the band has and how many faithful fans are there for the band. If you add it a really great feeling build by the superb audience you may only say it was a remarkable night - Christmas is coming and definitely VNV NATION offered a fine start for advent.

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Light: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.8 / 10

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All pictures by Karo Kratochwil

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