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VNV NationSparkassenPark, Mönchengladbach, Germany
4th September 2021
VNV Nation - Strandkorb Open Air 2021

Who would have imagined that the concept with beach chairs as seats in front of a stage to enjoy concerts would be so successful? In 2020, the Strandkorb Open Air won the “German Touristic Award” and in 2021 there are 13 additional locations in Germany.

VNV NATION - probably the best Electro-Pop band in Europe with their Irish founder and singer Ronan Harris - wanted to rock the SparkassenPark / Mönchengladbach again. VNV NATION already played at this place in 2020 at a sold-out venue. /

Music & Performance
Ronan Harris started directly with the hits ‘Joy’ and ‘Chrome’. After this, Ronan fired one hit after the other against the fans in the beach chairs. Fans in the beach chairs? No! There was no fan that was sitting anymore. Everybody stood, sang and clapped the hands. There was so much fun in the air. Ronan ran across the stage as usual without standing still. Between the songs he took a short breath, announced the next song briefly and started again. Only at songs like ‘Illusion’ or ‘All Our Sins’ he stood still at his microphone stand and sang accompanied by the singing of the audience.

VNV Nation 09.2021 MG 21 von 23

When he paused between the songs, he would talk to the audience in perfect German language. Ronan Harris, he lives in Hamburg / Germany for more than 10 years, asked “are you okay?”, “Are you having fun?” or spoke to a certain person “please put the camera aside, so you can enjoy the concert”. The fans came from all over Germany and neighbouring countries and were not disappointed. VNV NATION used the whole two hours and presented over twenty songs during the concert. Even the last two minutes he used to thank everyone for their support and their presence. In return, the audience thanked them with loud cheers over the minutes. All in all, the fans experienced a VNV NATION concert with power, emotions, a varied light show and good sound.

01. Joy
02. Chrome
03. Sentinel
04. Testament
05. Standing
06. Space & Time
07. The Farthest Star
08. Illusion
09. Gratitude
10. Off Screen
11. Lights Go Out
12. Darkangel
13. When Is the Future?
14. God Of All
15. Immersed
16. Control
17. Resolution (incl. Snippet of Forever Young)
18. Perpetual
19. Nova
20. Beloved
21. All Our Sins

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Light: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_13_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_14_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_15_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_16_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_17_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_18_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_19_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_1_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_20_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_21_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_22_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_23_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_2_von_23
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  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_4_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_5_von_23
  • VNV-Nation_09.2021_MG_6_von_23

All Pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg

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