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solitaryexperiments 20thanniversarycompilation
Artist: Solitary Experiments
Title: The 20th Anniversary Compilation
Genre: Synth Pop/ Future Pop
Release Date: 25th October 2014
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

I was one of those lucky people who were attending the 20th Anniversary show of SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS in October this year. And I wasn’t only lucky to see the show but also got one of those Anniversary Compilations to take home with me. Unfortunately I forgot about it for weeks, just took it home and didn’t really listen to it - up to now. It’s not one of those “Oh we’re doing a compilation, let’s list all of our greatest hits” CDs, which I like a lot. The CD includes remixes of different artists such as NAMNAMBULU, PATENBRIGADE:WOLFF, EISFABRIK, T.O.Y. and other artists. Nils Upahl of BEYOND OBSESSION delivered a cover version of ‘Epiphany’ while SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS did a cover of ‘Smalltown Boy’ with the help of Manuel Richter.

All in all a nice idea to say thank you to their fans and not one of those boring best-of releases or re-releases bands tend to do when they have an anniversary to celebrate. I really like the version of ‘Smalltown Boy’ as it sounds a lot like the original track but has the lovely vocals of Dennis Schober and a more modern beat. The cover version of ‘Epiphany’ by Nils Upahl starts slower than the original and then turns out to be a really soft version of this song, sometimes it sounds really trance-like. The soft sound is broken once in a while by Dennis Schobers voice. The ‘Hypervisor Remix’ of ‘Epiphany’ by Andrew Bernhard is a dancy version of this SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS songs and gives the song a bit of a harder sound, don’t worry – no one made this great song an Aggrotech track. It’s just a bit more beat-driven.

I really liked what NAMNAMBULU did with ‘Now or Never’. Vasi Vallis made this track sound cheerful and it left the impression to me of a walk around the next park, when the sun is shining. Let’s say ‘Now or Never’ became a walk in springtime through this remix. This Compilation is a must-have for all fans and definitely something that should belong into every DJ’s case.


01. Smalltown Boy (30th Anniversary Tribute)
02. Beg your Pardon (Solit.o.y.ry mix)
03. Now or Never (NamNamBulu Remix)
04. No Salvation (Torul Remix)
05. Steering Wheel (The Saint Paul Remix)
06. Stars (Patenbrigade:Wolff Remix)
07. Epiphany (Beyond the Sugarcake Remix)
08. Game Over (Nobody is Perfect Remix by Final Illusion)
09. No Salvation (Modcube Remix)
10. Epiphany (Attacke Remix)
11. Steering Wheel (MRDTC Version)
12. Game Over (Nin-Tendo-Mix by Eisfabrik)
13. No Salvation (ES23 Remix)
14. Epiphany (Hypervisor Remix)
15. Stars (DJ Thommy’s Stardust Mix)


Dennis Schober
Michael Thielemann
Steve Graeber
Live Drums: Frank Glaßl
Additional Live Toms: Sebastian Gauff

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solitaryexperiments 20thanniversarycompilation


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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