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sitd dunkelziffer
Artist: SITD
Title: Dunkelziffer
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 31st October 2014
Label: Scanner/ Dark Dimensions

Album Review

Welcome to the new album of SITD with the promising title ‘Dunkelziffer’. It’s been released on Halloween, the cover looks quite dark and spooky and when you first put it into your CD-player, you might be a bit confused when ‘Adora quod Incendisti’ is crawling from the speakers to your ear. The opening track comes like a hammer and sounds like a mixture of church choir-like vocals and the aggressive electronic musical arrangement are melting into something really impressive.

The band, founded in 1996, by Carsten Jacek and Thomas Lau, today consist of Thomas Lesczenski, Frank D'Angelo and of course Carsten Jacek. Having a club hit with ‘Snuff Machinery’ and being able to look back on a nearly 20 year lasting career, the trio proofs that there’s still time for surprises in the electronic genre by releasing their 6th studio album. Yes, it does sound still like SITD and no, it does not get boring. I must admit, that I’m not a huge fan of those typical Electro-Aggrotech-like vocal sounds as they somehow all sound really similar, so the vocals on ‘Dunkelziffer’ could not really make me clap my hands full of joy. But indeed, the music did. I know I said it way too often, but I’m a huge fan of good and catchy melodies and ‘Dunkelziffer’ has a lot of those. They go straight to your ear, make you nodding your head to left and to the right and though the album provides a very dark feeling, the melodies are not always full of darkness and morbidity.

I, personally, liked the tracks ‘Autoaggression’ and ‘Everlasting’ the most. The first of my favourite tracks captivates with a Synth Pop-like, slow opening and my beloved ‘cheeps’ and ‘beeps’ and then the bass starts, slow, pounding and impressive. The lyrics are as dark as the cover and leave you with feeling lost and thoughtful. The bridges between the parts of the song do sound really clear, not that Synth- or Future Pop-like sounds, and make this track a perfect track for a grey winter evening. ‘Everlasting’ starts with drums and dark, menacing sounds. Like an animal that lurks in the dark to attack. The whole track makes you feel as if there’s someone stumbling around, searching for something but not really knowing what he’s searching for. No goal, no way to go to, having lost the map, the way, everything. No huge synthesizer arrangements, no beeps, nothing. This song is really pure and is the proof that it does not need much to create an atmosphere that makes the listener feel the darkness, the feeling of emptiness, of searching. Sometimes the simple arrangements are best to create a certain atmosphere and to catch the listener to follow into a certain feeling. I really couldn’t shake of this feeling which I was led into by ‘Everlasting’ for a while. It is hard to describe, you really have to listen to it carefully. Maybe with a cup of tea next to you, lights dimmed down, eyes closed and just listening and sure you will get lost in this song the same way as I did. To describe it with a colour, I would say “grey”.

So get lost into this “grey” too. SITD don’t disappoint with their latest release, though I’m not a huge fan of Aggrotech-like vocals used in the faster tracks, the album is definitely a good one. Do you want to know why? It has a soul. The tracks have a soul, a meaning. No senseless, stupid lyrics or a lot of samples out of movies. It’s one of those albums you can either put on if you just want some music to play when you’re doing something else and then you won’t really get lost into this dark feeling as the faster tracks are more remarkable in that moment. Or you put it on when you calmed down and you want to get lost in another world, then please listen carefully. Take the time to dive into the ‘Dunkelziffer’ world, you won’t get disappointed.


01. Adora Quod Incendisti - 1:41
02. Dunkelziffer - 5:20
03. Purgatorium - 5:53
04. Autoaggression - 5:35
05. Everlasting - 5:51
06. Revolution - 4:45
07. Santa Muerte - 5:58
08. Journey's End - 3:55
09. Memorandum - 5:44
10. Vendetta - 3:47
11. Incende Quod Adorasti - 2:46


Carsten Jacek
Thomas Lesczenski
Frank D'Angelo

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sitd dunkelziffer


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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