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Matrix, Bochum, Germany
2nd November 2007
[:SITD:], Painbastard, Destroid

Since their first hit 'Snuff Machinery' back in 2003, [:SITD:] are well-known all over Germany as well as in several countries all over the world. As the new album 'Bestie:Mensch' was released in September it was crystal clear that a tour had to follow. Supported by their label mates PAINBASTARD and DESTROID, the newest project, where Daniel Myer is involved, the gig promised to be a very exciting event. The concert in Bochum was also the closing concert for the 'Bestie:Mensch' Tour as well as it was also a special day for a particular person...


DESTROID is a project of Daniel Myer, who is also well-known for his other projects HAUJOBB and ARCHITECT. With their first album 'Future Prophecies' released in 2004, they already gathered much attention by the press as well as from the fans of electronic music. Their second album, which is called 'Loudspeaker' was just released on 26th October 2007. DESTROID are: Seb Rydell aka Sebi (production, arrangements), Yamazaki aka Daniel (production, arrangements, vocals) and Lil' Demon aka Ribi (live noises). /

Musically DESTROID is mostly electronic, but not limited to a style in particular. On the new record they even integrated guitars into their sound. In Bochum, they presented a good mixture, during their performance: some tracks of the new album like 'Mourn' or 'Ruins' and of course a few tracks from 'Future Prophecies' including the harsh club smasher 'Broken and abused' and 'Judgement Throne'. The set ended way too early in my opinion, but when the crowd demanded an encore, the band entered the stage again to present the wonderful ballad 'Sir William'.

Even though the set was quite short, the performance was very powerful. Ribi and Sebi entered the stage to the first sounds of 'Mourn'. Both were dressed in red suits with the band logo on it. Daniel was the last one, who entered the stage. He was completely dressed in black. Daniel immediately controlled the scenery and encouraged the audience as he was always in motion. Sometimes at the microphone, but he also stepped at the stage rim, while Ribi was always dancing behind his synths and Sebi was rather static, but nodded with his head.

01. Intro
02. Mourn
03. Judgement throne
04. Ruins
05. Run & Hide
06. Broken and Abused
07. Revolution
08. Bonewhite light
09. Sir William

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 8.4


The foundation stone for PAINBASTARD was laid in 1995 when Alex P. made his first steps into electronic music by buying a synth and experimenting with. His first Promo CD 'Just like Dying' was finished in 2000. The third promo 'Skin on Fire' should become a very special one cause that was the promo which caught the attention of Accession Records. He got a label deal and the album was released in 2003 and got very successful, especially in the clubs. The second album 'Overkill' was released in May 2005 followed by the 'Storm of Impermanence EP' in October of the same year and the next album 'No need to worry' was already released in 2006. It also included a special song called 'Torn' where Torben Wendt of DIORAMA did the vocals. The latest album is called 'Borderline' and also shows the calmer side of PAINBASTARD. PAINBASTARD is Alex P (vocals, programming, production) supported by Alex K. during live performances. /

After a short reconstruction break, PAINBASTARD entered the stage and after the intro, they started right away with the first song 'Borderline' from the latest album which was released at the end of September. The songs of PAINBASTARD are marked by very harsh and distorted beats and sounds and are very beat driven and therefore perfect for the clubs. Another characteristic of the sound is the use of much distorted vocals which gives the whole sound a very angry note. As mentioned before, the first song was 'Borderline' from the new album; 'Madhouse Earth' was the second one from 'Borderline'. The set also included the two new songs from the 'Nyctophobia EP' which was released in the shape of the 'Klangfusion Vol.1' together with the [:SITD:] single.

Alex entered the stage dressed up in some kind of armour. Musically, PAINBASTARD is not my cup of tea, but Alex knows how to handle the audience. He was moving up and down the stage and encouraging the crowd all the time. The spark initially went over to the audience in the meanwhile very well-filled venue and when one just was looking around, one could see the people moving to the danceable beats or clapping their hands. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the short interruption during the performance, when Tom of [:SITD:] suddenly entered the stage and also welcomed the audience, which sang a “Happy Birthday” for him because he was today’s birthday child. But Tom didn't enter the stage. DESTROID were also there and imagine my surprise as I recognized Adrian Hates (DIARY OF DREAMS / Accession Records) who was standing rather in the background.

01. Intro
02. Borderline
03. Nervenkrieg (Live Mix)
04. Nyctophobia (Cut Version)
05. Psychological Disintegration
06. Poison for your Soul (Cut Version)
07. Madhouse Earth
08. Sternentanz
09. When the Rats desert the sinking ship

Music: 6
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 7.2


[:SITD:] was founded in 1996. The shortcut [:SITD:] stands for “Shadows in the Dark” and is a metaphoric effigy for the musical and textual content of the band .Their first album 'Stronghold' released in 2003 and including the club-hit 'Snuff Machinery' was the most successful band album at the German alternative charts in the same year. After being preceded by the single 'Richtfest' the new album 'Coded:Message 12' was released in 2005 followed by a tour through Germany and several gigs in Greece, Brazil, Sweden and France. In-between the EP 'Odyssey 13' was released. The most recent album 'Bestie:Mensch' was released in September 2007. [:SITD:] are Carsten Jacek  (vocals and lyrics), Thomas “Tom” Lesczenski (keyboards, programming, sampling and backing vocals), Francesco “Frank” D'Angelo (keyboards and backing vocals). / 

To describe the music of [:SITD:] is not very hard: Strong club bats collide with big melodies and meaningful lyrics. Well, of course not all songs are club-friendly. [:SITD:] are capable of very emotional ballads as well and they included some of the rather balladry songs into the set, but lets just start at the beginning. It began with the wonderful 'Herbsterwachen' from the most recent album   'Bestie:Mensch' followed by 'Lebensborn' and 'Firmament'. 'Kreuzgang' was presented in the V.2 version from the album, which I prefer over the version from the single. Tom mentioned that it was the first time they played this song live. The club-friendly tunes dominated the whole set but in-between, they were also balladry tracks like 'Displaced' and 'Upstairs'.

Hell broke loose. That's probably the best way to describe, what was going on when [:SITD:] entered the stage. Already to the first beats of 'Herbsterwachen', Carsten swept over the stage like a dancing dervish, dressed as usual with his cap. He stepped many times at the stage rim always spurring on the audience. As far as one could see, the people were dancing, clapping their hands or singing along. The mood was simply awesome. Carsten and Tom shared the vocal duties on stage even at songs you wouldn't usually expect.

A good example of that is 'Upstairs', where Carsten suddenly left the stage and left it to Tom to sing those song and I really was surprised. Tom's voice added such a warm note to the song even though the song is dark. Even Frank contributed some backing vocals to tracks like 'Lebensborn'. The vocals sounded very rough and deep but fitted perfectly to the song. As I mentioned earlier it was Toms birthday and we experienced another surprise on this evening, when a picture with Tom on it appeared on the video screen with a speech balloon next to his head saying “Today is my birthdaaaaaaaaaay“. But we aren’t finished yet. Suddenly Alex of PAINBASTARED entered the stage and announced a birthday serenade he called “Heavy Birthday” and everyone came on stage including DESTROID, Adrian Hates and Christian Berghoff (also Accession Records) and many others to celebrate a little bit with Tom and of course singing his birthday serenade.

Alex even managed to lift Tom up, but the man has power so it was probably not that hard. ;) After that serenade, Tom was very delighted and he thanked the audience for a great evening as well as Carsten did many times before. Later Tom told the crew “to get the fuck off the stage” cause he wanted to start 'Suffering in Solitude'. The concert ended with the again energetic and sweat-inducing performance of 'Richtfest' and 'Snuff Machinery'. Then the band said goodbye to the audience and thanked them again for a great evening and an awesome closing to the tour and left the stage.

01. Herbsterwachen
02. Lebensborn
03. Firmament
04. Kreuzgang V.2
05. Rose-Coloured Skies
06. Upstairs
07. Displaced
08. Stammheim
09. Laughingstock
10. Propaganda
11. Wegweiser
12. Suffering in Solitude
13. Richtfest
14. Snuff Machinery

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 8.6

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / /

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