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Artist: Haujobb
Title: Dead Market (EP)
Genre: Industrial / Electro
Release Date: 17th June 2011
Label: Zweieck Recordings / Basic Unit Productions

Single Review

‘Dead Market’ is HAUJOBB’s prelude for their forthcoming full-length album ‘New World March’. Over the years the band never stopped to infuse a fresh breath of the otherwise stale soundscape of Industrial where the amplifiers matter more than the songs themselves. ‘Dead Market’ will immediately make you feel in a way comfortable by its close association with DEPECHE MODE and FRONT 242 and uncomfortable by its harrowing tone, emphasised by the minimal electronic sounds. The song gives a blistering image of the possible future about the control of life and of the music felt as a body expression.

The song starts with these lines “Contact and rapture / unlike a pulse / law of repetition / we will always follow / identity is safe / the content means nothing / deconstruction of form / we will always follow“ and after a couple of lines goes to “manipulate the pulse, the pattern, the beat / dominate the world / desire remains / discharge of pleasure / absence of contact / we will always follow”. It comes as an ironic remark to these lines that this EP is actually full of remixes, of which some do remain pretty close to the original song. My favourite one comes from ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL which from the intro and throughout holds a feeling from KRAFTWERK. Combined with Myer’s voice the song is striking. Another extremely interesting and fresh remix comes from the NOMENKLATUR, where the minimal sounds create a war-like atmosphere of anticipation.

As far it concerns ‘Letting The Demons Sleep’, it is a song that puts forward a more ‘Blade Runner’ intro and electronic music which in the original was kind of buried in the background. The song is constructed elliptically and it is brilliant. In short, it is an EP that made me curious about the full length album to come. I hope that Myer will choose to concentrate his attention a bit more on HAUJOBB only because with his myriad of side-projects he is in a crusade to prove what a bunch of lazoids his peers are.


01. Dead Market – 4:00
02. Dead Market (Extended Remix) – 5:52
03. Dead Market (The Horrorist Remix) – 5:01
04. Dead Market (Exes Remix) – 5:25
05. Letting The Demons Sleep (Nightmare) – 5:56
06. Dead Market (Nomenklatür Remix) – 6:03
07. Dead Market (Absolute Body Control Remix) – 4:40
08. Dead Market (Engineer’s Dub) – 4:05


Dejan Samardzic - music, production
Daniel Myer - music, vocals

Concert members (so far):
Guido - guitar, virus
Achim - drums
Ribi - synth, noises, banging
Alex - synth, guitar


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Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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