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covenant-falkscheuring-009Theaterfabrik, Leipzig, Germany
28th September 2012
Covenant & Solar Fake

COVENANT re-released their debut album ‘Dreams of a Cryotank’ in September 2012. So it was time to celebrate this fact with a live tour including all tracks of the album and playing a best-of selection of their songs. Also a limited picture LP was sold on several online shops and at the shows to celebrate ‘Dreams of a Cryotank’.

Solar Fake

SOLAR FAKE is a German Dark Wave Band founded by ZERAPHINE singer Sven Friedrich. In 2007, their debut album ‘Broken Grid’ was released. Followed by the album ‘Synthetic Symphony’ in 2008 Friedrich made even more people listen to his side project. At the moment they are on tour to promote their new album ‘Frontiers’. More information:

Music & Performance
To be honest, I had heard about SOLAR FAKE before but never really listened to their music. But the audience did. There were people who only came to the Theaterfabrik to see Sven Friedrich’s band. When he started the first song, the audience was dancing to his dark wave music and singing along with him. He was having fun on stage and enjoyed playing. I had the feeling that during his performance he was the headliner for the people standing in the crowd and not COVENANT.


01. Under the Skies
02. No Apologies
03. Here I Stand
04. More Than This
05. Parasites
06. Reset to Default
07. Where Are You
08. Such a Shame (Talk Talk cover)
09. The Rising Doubt
10. Lies

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 7
Total: 8 / 10


Full Gallery Solar Fake

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COVENANT is a Swedish electronic band founded in 1986. Their first album 'Dreams Of A Cryotank‘, appeared in 1994 and was re-released in September 2012. In 2011, their album 'Modern Ruin' was published and Daniel Myer, well-known from the band HAUJOBB, took part in the songwriting. Also he became a steady band member. On Stage, COVENANT currently consists of Eskil Simonsson, Daniel Myer and Daniel Johansson (Dupont). For more information see


Music & Performance
Soon after SOLAR FAKE finished their last song, COVENANT appeared on stage. Some of Sven Friedrich’s fans went home, others went to the back of the crowd to get a look on Eskil Simonsson and his electro band. Starting with ‘Feedback’ in a new arranged version the crowd began to dance but not all of the people there knew the lyrics. My personal highlight was ‘Super Luminal’ which made everyone sing. Between the songs, Eskil was talking to the crowd and enjoyed seeing some Swedish flag in the audience which he also hugged.


Being in front-row was a bit hard this time in fact that for my taste to much strobe-light was used. For some moments I was not able to open my eyes and watch what was going on at stage. Well, after a short improvisation the band played ‘Stalker’ and made people dance and shout the lyrics. It seemed like everyone was woken up at that moment. Being a bit tired and sleepy during the first half of the concert the audience was now more active. Also ‘Call the Ships to port’ made the audience dance and sing quite louder than before. A few minutes before midnight COVENANT ended their show with ‘Figurehead’ and a Mash up of ‘One world One Sky’ and ‘Ritual Noise’.


01. Cryotank Expansion
02. Feedback 2012 Intro
03. Theremin
04. Replicant 2012
05. Shipwreck (Arvika)
06. Void 2012
07. Super Luminal (edit)
08. Dead Stars
09. Edge of Dawn 2012
10. Shelter
11. The Road
12. I Am
13. Voices 2012
14. Speed (Clubversion)
15. Flux
16. Pain Amplifier (Mix)
17. Improvisation
18. Stalker (Intro)
19. Wasteland
20. Call the Ships to Port
21. Like Tears in Rain
22. Figurehead
23. Live Mash up (consisting of One World One Sky and Ritual Noise with an Architect end)

Music: 10
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 9 / 10

covenant-falkscheuring-017covenant duisburg simon23covenant-falkscheuring-018

Full Gallery Covenant

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All pictures by Falk Scheuring (Leipzig) and Simon Hönscheid (Duisburg)

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