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covenant5Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
12th November 2016
Covenant, Faderhead & Iszoloscope

When it's cold and dark outside: escape and go to a COVENANT concert at the Markthalle, Hamburg! COVENANT were playing this evening, supported by FADERHEAD and ISZOLOSCOPE. Many, many people came and populated the Markthalle in the hope of an awesome concert. Most of them were - of course - typically dressed in black (not painted but dressed).


ISZOLOSCOPE had the chance to get the party started and began about 20:45 pm without an introduction, just blasting noise through the Markthalle and their visitors. It wasn't really astonishing that the audience didn't hook-up this atmosphere. There was no contact to the audience, just sounds, followed by some enthusiastic movements of ISZOLOSCOPE. Unfortunately nothing deeper. / 



After this not so overwhelming start of the evening, FADERHEAD took the opportunity to rescue the night and getting the audience of Hamburg excited. To cut this story short: they were successful! This project from Hamburg played songs like ‘Shame’, ‘Escape Gravity’ or ‘Every hour kills’ and the audience became more exalted, got more into the mood of this evening. The venue was filling, some people said that the queue in front of the Markthalle was pretty long. Some of the audience got into movement, got the feeling of those amazing beats in combination with FADERHEADS gentle, sometimes hard voice. Songs like ‘Sick City’ and ‘Generation Black’ followed and announced the end of the performance - but! One more song, an old, classic song from FADERHEAD made the perfect end of their support: ‘TZDV’. / 

01. Shame
02. Escape Gravity
03. Horizon Born
04. Every Hour Kills
05. Vanish
06. Naughty H
07. Sick City
08. Generation Black
09. TZDV

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9 / 10



After nearly one and a half hours and a really amazing, perfectly long intro it was finally time for COVENANT! This was the moment one could say: OK, it's time to dance! Now! The Swedish band, existing since 1984, plays electro with some elements of future pop. Sounds which will infiltrate one's ears, will make one dance, feel the beat,… ‘The Blinding Dark’, the new album of the band, is an album with a guidance how to see in the dark in a world with false hope, sometimes no deeper sense. /

Music & Performance
‘Der Leiermann’ began the set, directly followed by strong rhythm and sounds of ‘Bullet’. That in combination with much fog out of the machine created such a terrific atmosphere, the excited audience moved forward the beats, nodding heads according to the music were seen and some sang.


‘I close my eyes’ was the first played track of the new album ‘The Blinding Dark’, followed by ‘Morning Star’, also from the new album. It was impossible to stand still without any movement and with songs like ‘The Beauty And The Grace’, ‘Go Film’ and ‘Ignorance And Bliss’ the interaction between band and audience was really, really amazing! Eskil Simonsson guided through the setlist and found pretty good bridges between the songs. He took the audience to another universe where singing and moving to sounds and beats is like heaven; where one could just close the eyes and feel the rhythm and the beat. Another intro followed, lead into ‘Stalker’ and proved that it's such a great pleasure just to hear and follow the sounds - this needs time, of course, and COVENANT took the time for this perfect performance thing. On this evening, the audience got the enjoyment of ‘Lightbringer’, sang by Daniel Myer, in a bit modified but terrific, powerful version of this song.


One thought: Could this be topped? Yes, it could! After ‘Lightbringer’, a classic song followed, named ‘Ritual Noise’. In danger of repetition: the audience danced, nodded, sang - enjoyed those intoxicating sounds and the voice of Eskil Simonsson. Some people seemed to be exhausted when COVENANT finished their ritual song and left the stage. But no-one hesitated to shout in full volume for an add-on. It was like a state of trance when one just wants more and more - and more! COVENANT returned to stage and played further three songs: ‘Dies Irae’, ‘Sound Mirrors’ (both ‘The Blinding Dark’) and another classic song, ‘Call The Ships to Port’. They left the stage - again. Shouts for an add-on, again. And of course: they returned - again! The two last songs for this evening were ‘Prometheus’ and ‘We Stand Alone’. After that - 00:30am - COVENANT finished their marathon of well-chosen songs and amazing interaction between sounds, lyrics and of course band and audience.


To conclude this evening: The level of engagement through the audience was rising from a lower point to an unbelievable high point. The first act of support, in my opinion, was unnecessary. Second part of support was really suitable. COVENANT themselves were amazing, one can hope to see them soon again. Shut the eyes, go straight to the future and never look back!

01. Der Leiermann
02. Bullet
03. I Close My Eyes
04. Morning Star
05. Cold Reading
06. Figurehead
07. Edge of Dawn
08. The Beauty and the Grace
09. Go Film
10. The Men
11. 20 Hz
12. Ignorance & Bliss
13. Stalker
14. Lightbringer
15. Ritual Noise
16. Dies Irae
17. Sound Mirrors
18. Call the Ships to Port
19. Prometheus
20. We Stand Alone

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 10
Light: 10
Total: 10 / 10



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