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CovenantBiergarten 78, Hanover, Germany
8th August 2021

2021 has been another difficult year for the event industry. However, necessity is the mother of invention. Thus, we see new event formats and locations. Although I’ve visited numerous concerts in and around Hanover, I’ve never visited the beer garden of the sports club Hanover 78 before. Small stages and seated concerts are the new normal and totally fine for me these days.

Music & Performance
The location turned out be a nice place, a sports field surrounded by trees, with two bars and a dining area. The weather forecast did not look so promising though: the weather app showed 80% likelihood of rain for the evening. This likelihood turned into a 100% obviousness when it started to rain just minutes before the band hit the stage. Who cares when you finally can see one of Europe’s finest Electro bands on stage again? After a short warm up everyone got up from their seats when the first up tempo beats roared from the speakers and the whole audience started to dance. I wonder who was more grateful: the band, obviously being happy to perform again, or the audience enjoying the possibility to move their bodies to the music.

20210808 Cov 2

“You are the sexiest 40+ audience we ever had!” yelled Daniel Myer into the microphone. Bright smiles everywhere, on and off stage. During the encore break a bat could be seen flying around the stage. How appropriate! The night ended with COVENANT’s smash hit ‘Call The Ships To Port’. Great song, but the rain had stopped in the meantime so no need for a ship to sail home. Great tunes anyways. The band is going to continue their tour in the UK and will be back in Germany in September and October. For tickets check out:

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Light: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 9 / 10

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All Pictures by Christian W.

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