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faderhead nightphysics
Artist: Faderhead
Title: Night Physics
Genre: Future Pop / EBM / Synth Pop
Release Date: 10th November 2017
Label: Not A Robot Records

Album Review

Sami Mark Yahya, also known as FADERHEAD, is around for more than ten years and everyone knows at least two of his smashing dancefloor classics like ‘TZDV’, ‘Dirtygrrrls / Dirtybois’ or ‘Dancers’. But FADERHEAD’s list of songs and hits is much longer as he is releasing a new album nearly every year since 2006 along with singles and EPs while keeping up the quality of the releases high and also trying out new paths.

Beside of that, there is a FADERHEAD page on Patreon where supporters, so called “patrons”, can get a new song every month for a very reasonable amount per month or other perks like life streams or the weekly newsletter that gives a lot of insights in different topics as well as behind the scenes info around festivals and club gigs but also the music production process. So he seems to be always in a productive mood and the description in the program book “Pfingstbote” for the recent WGT (Wave-Gotik-Treffen) where he is called a “workaholic” might have a point (in a positive way).

Listeners who follow Sami’s creative path might know that he is not only into dancefloor-killer-songs but also put a lot of effort in his vocal and also instrumental skills in the past years. The result can be heard on the latest release: ‘Night Physics’.

The album starts with the catchy ‘Know Your Darkness’. The song was released in 2017 as a single and debuted at number 1 in the DAC (German Alternative Charts). From the very beginning the beat is engaging and there is nothing else you can do but dance (or at least tap with your feet). Though it is clearly a club song, it sounds more mature and the lyrics itself are deep and meaningful. A grown-up club song without being boring at all. ‘Noise. Voices. Noise. Silence.’ is a more electronical, ‘noisy’, powerful club song that catches a lot of people on the dance floor while being played for the first time (been there, experienced that). It’s followed by the more powerful, more aggressive ‘This Is Your World’ where you can hear the well-known deep voice and dance out all the frustration.

The magical ‘Them Skinny Witches’ is as different as also beautiful. It creates a mystical, dark and witchy atmosphere in your earphones as well as during the live show. The dark and flowing melody along with the calm and soft voice creates a beautiful, secret mood that covers you in like the deep blue full moon night does. ‘All The Devils’ breaks it up a bit and is a driving, synth pop song that has what it takes to become a classic. The title song ‘Night Physics’ was the gig opener during the recent tour in February and March (supported by FUTURE LIED TO US and SCHEUBER) and acts as the soundtrack for the start of the party night. The vocals switch from melodic to hard and slightly aggressive with a breath of sex in it. ‘Night Away’ is a more soft and melancholic song with catchy beats and synth melodies to continue dancing.

‘We’ll Be Far’ continues the ride with synth sounds, calm voice at the beginning that turns into more stomping beats in the chorus. ‘LH 006’ is turning down the beat and brings Sami’s vocals in the foreground. Heavy, thoughtful and melancholic mood is encasing the song. But this is just a short break before the deep, devilish, breathy vocals and tempting sound of ‘Demons Go’ jumps in. That song was not included in the live setlist on the winter tour 2018, but I badly wish it becomes part of the live repertoire in the future. ‘Late’ is mixing the more EBM style verses with the future pop chorus. Than ‘Nothing Changes’ hits in and sounds more like the 5 a. m. song to listen to shortly before leaving the club and getting on your way back home from the Reeperbahn while the sunlight slowly brightens up the streets. ‘Last Chance To Begin’ is closing ‘Night Physics’ and has the soft and warm sound as well as that positive but still melancholic vibe. Time to begin or just calm down to get some sleep after a party night.

All in ‘Night Physics’ is one of the most varied albums of the last years. FADERHEAD has grown up without becoming boring at all. The beats are still here, it is music to dance all night long while the musical diversity is greater than ever and the vocals give you shivers, but still can punch you in the face. Another chance to hear the songs live is given in autumn 2018 when FADERHEAD is supporting PROJECT PITCHFORK on tour.


01. Know Your Darkness
02. Noise. Voices. Noise. Silence.
03. This Is Your World
04. Them Skinny Witches
05. All The Devils
06. Night Physics
07. Night Away
08. We’ll Be Far
09. LH 006
10. Demons Go
11. Late
12. Nothing Changes
13. Last Chance To Begin


Sami Mark Yahya

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faderhead nightphysics


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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