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faderhead fh4
Artist: Faderhead
Title: FH4
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 1st March 2013
Label: L-Tracks Records

Album Review

Well, well FADERHEAD decided to continue the series again after FH3 got released in 2008. Not doing too much talking we're digging straight in with the opening 'Bitches All Know About My Boom'; a track with heavy beats to get the followers on track for what's to come with the following 'Self-Control', a classic FADERHEAD club track with a little bit of screaming and an streamlined beat pattern this one hits the dance floors straight. 'Every Day Is One Less' is something of a melancholy adventure. The beat is merely an accentuation for the mostly clean vocals. That's actually what I dig about the FADERHEAD records. You'll never know what the next track has in store for you… 'Free' is another one of those tracks. Openly poppy and not too harsh. Good to listen to by the side or dancing to it. Or even both at the same time. 'Pornstar Dead' is a freaking noise bastard of a song, irony and sarcasm in the lyrics. Just the package I like.

What I always liked even more about FADERHEAD are the melodious, clean songs. Plenty of those included on the record, the next one being 'What Doesn't Kill Us'. Just think that without the effects on the vocals the chorus would've sounded way better. 'She's Like Rain And Hate' is my personal favourite on 'FH4', having a future pop groove and melody line drenched in melancholia. We're closing up things with 'Drunk German Bono', a collaborative effort with Brian Graupner of THE GOTHSICLES. Words come out here like spitfire, giving you no chance of escaping, really. In many ways, for me, 'FH4' is a very typical FADERHEAD record which doesn't necessarily qualify it as being bad. It's quite the contrary, actually. FADERHED just doesn't give a shit about how people want to have his music sounds. He's throwing irony and sarcasm in your face which you will recognize as such if you're clever enough. To cut a long story short: Thumbs up!


01. Bitches All Know About My Boom - 3:40
02. Self Control - 4:10
03. Take Your Fuckin' Meds - 4:38
04. Every Day Is One Less - 3:37
05. Dancers - 4:06
06. Coffee, Sex & Cigarettes - 2:53
07. Free - 3:43
08. No Time To Sleep - 3:48
09. Pornstar Dead - 3:06
10. What Doesn't Kill Us - 3:42
11. She's Like Rain And Hate - 4:32
12. Death.Robot.Deconstruction - 4:26
13. Drunk German Bono  - 3:17



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faderhead fh4


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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