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Kulturfabrik, Krefeld, Germany
23rd December 2006
Accession Festival: Faderhead, Painbastard, Diorama, [:SITD:], Diary of Dreams

Accession Records was celebrating its 10th birthday with a festival at the Kulturfabrik Krefeld presenting five bands ob the label’s artist roster. Accession Records stands for high-quality electronic music and so, the festival line-up promised an interesting evening – and an early Christmas present too for that matter. Label boss is DIARY OF DREAMS mastermind Adrian Hates who gathered several interesting electronic acts within the label. When the venue opened at 18:00 people flowed constantly into the venue and an hour later, the opener FADERHEAD saw himself in front of quite a big crowd – not that common for that early hour.


After FADERHEAD from Hamburg/Germany was making music for about 17 years, he finally released his debut album ‘FH1’ on the Accession Records label in 2006. His musical influences are spread widely – OASIS, MARILYN MANSON, ICE CUBE, SLAYER, THE PRODIGY, PET SHOP BOYS and many others – over different genres. According to his own statements, he did not grow up influenced by the typical electronic bands (i.e. DEPECHE MODE or KRAFTWERK) and had very few electronic influences. He just likes “synthesizers and fat drumbeats”. FADERHEAD live are Faderhead (songwriting, production, vocals, guitars), Alex Montana (live drums) and Christine LaGivrée (live keyboards/sampler/computers). Because Christine was iil, her place in Krefeld was taken over by Shao-Lyn Welton. /

‘FH1’ is an electronic album influenced by a wide range of styles, Different to his album work where you can find no guitars at all, the live show is supported by FADERHAD’s guitar play during different songs. As he mentioned, he adds the guitars to add “some punch and heaviness to the synths and make everything more wild and human”. And yeah, there really is more depth in the songs with the guitar use. Additionally it is a good performance element too. The guitar adds some wild energy to the show. Another difference to the album is the existence of additional musicians on stage: drummer Alex Montana and (this time) keyboard player Shao-Lyn Welton. The drum parts gave more heaviness and groove to the songs. There was not a strict set structure set up for the show. As FADERHEAD told me, he generated the setlist during the show – very spontaneous and uncommon – and so it was not surprising that there was a little mistake during the second song. But I doubt that anyone recognized it. The set consisted of songs from the debut album ‘FH1’ and one very new song – ‘Storm / Sparks / Structure’ – from the upcoming album consequently entitled ‘FH2’. The show was opened with ‘The Protagonist’ – a simple catchy song which is really well done and makes you move. Even though the album also offers some balladry song, the Krefeld show mainly consisted of more powerful stuff to wake the audience up. The sounds were diversified; the vocals reached from melodic to brute and harsh. The songs never were boring.

Even though FADERHAD is a one-man project on CD, the live show had more to offer: an additional drummer and a pretty keyboard player. Shao-Lyn surely drew especially the men’s attention when she was moving wild behind her keyboard wearing a short military skirt. Too sad that she was covered in darkness nearly the whole show long. FADERHEAD performed very self-confident. Even though he did not perform that often so far, the show seemed to be quite experienced. Only sometime you had the impression that he acted slightly arrogant. But that might be part of the show. FADERHEAD always searched for contact with the audience and tried to push them up – and it worked. He received quite some applause; people came close to stage and were moving all the time. After about 40 minutes the show was over – a good start for a long evening.


01. Intro
02. The Protagonist
03. Naughty H
04. Burning/Dancing
05. Bassgod
06. Vanish
07. Storm/Sparks/Structure (from upcoming album FH2)
08. O/H Scavenger

Music 8
Performance 6
Light 5
Sound 7
Total 6.8


PAINBASTARD is the project of Alex P. who started music in 1995 when he bought his first synthesizer and started experimenting. After he also bought some effect devices for his voice he recorded the first songs. Additionally he made his first live experiences when supporting bands like TANZWUT or BLIND PASSENGERS. At the beginning of this millennium he released some demo CDs and worked in different other side projects. Finally in 2003 the first album ‘Skin on Fire’ was released which he recorded with help of his friend Alex K. who also accompanies him during his live performances. This first album reminds a lot of SUICIDE COMMANDO. ‘Overkill’ – his second long player – was released in May 2005 and some live performances in Sweden, Poland or Holland followed. In spring 2006, a tour together with SUICIDE COMMANDO followed. The latest release ‘No need to worry’ hit the stores in October 2006 which also provided the song ‘Torn’ with Torben Wendt (DIORAMA) as guest vocalist. /

After a very short rebuilding break, PAINBASTARD aka Alex P. and his companion Alex K. entered the stage. After offering an electronic highlight for many listeners with the album ‘No need to worry’ those compositions shall now brought to stage. The program was fast and aggressive. Soon the lovers of the harder electro stuff started to move and celebrate. I must admit that PAINBASTARD is not really my cup of tea. I simply don’t like it when the vocals are distorted as much as it is the case at a PAINBASTARD show. But anyway, what the band showed was very experienced - even though most of the compositions must have come from tape and only some line produced by keyboarder Alex K.  Dance floor fillers like ‘When the Rats desert the sinking Ship’ with its straight and dynamic lines have an enormous potential to make bodies move. Also the German ‘Sternentanz’ with its nearly romantic intro was pushing forward. Highlight for several people in the hall was probably the last song ‘Torn’ which provides Torben on vocals like on CD while Alex K. has left the stage and Alex P. took over his place at the keyboard.

Different to FADERHEAD, PAINBASTARD showed the typical electro band line-up on stage: a front man and a keyboarder. Alex K. behind the synth seemed to be very static and cool – especially with his dark sunglasses. Point of power and energy on stage was Alex P. who was running all over the stage constantly and showing his bare, sweating muscular EBM body. Even though the body was hard to see because the whole stage was permanently totally dark. Just towards the end there were some glimpses of light. Sometimes I really wonder why the artists hide so much from their audience. The little plus for the “light” show was the video projection with band logo or different war scenes supporting the statement of the songs. The only variety in the front-man-runs-over-the-stage show was the appearance of Torben Wendt. I know, it is hard to make the performance of an electro band worth watching and the videos are a first step into the right direction. I just wish for some more diversification, maybe through including the keyboarder more into the show and make it a bit brighter. Well… people who came just to dance might not agree to that. ;)


Music 7
Performance 6
Light 3
Sound 7
Total 6.1


DIORAMA started in the mid 90s is the project of Torben Wendt who is also some kind of “permanent” guest in DIARY OF DREAMS where he is live keyboarder and backing vocalist as well as a helpful hand during the productions. The word “diorama” is of Greek origin and means mainly “showcase”. DIORAMA chose that name because they think of music as a medium for expression, illustration and vision. The debut CD ‘Pale’ was released 1999 and received lots of positive reactions. The second album ‘Her liquid arms’ (2001) was more rhythmic, electronic and massive. Felix Marc was involved in recording this album and joined the band as live-keyboarder and second voice. The third album ‘The art of creating confusing spirits’ saw the daylight in 2002 and got live-bassist Bernard le Sigue involved. Later on, also guitar player Sash Fiddler was thrown into the band and appeared first on the album ‘Amaroid’ which was released 2005. The first album ‘Pale’ was re-released and with ‘Re-pale’ an album full of remixes and some new songs hit the shops as well. In the meantime, Bernard had left the band. DIORAMA are Torben Wendt (vocals), Felix Marc (keyboards), Sash Fiddler (guitar) and Marquess (Markus Halter - drums). /

After only 15 minutes break the first “softer” band of the evening followed with DIORAMA. The band started with ‘Odyssey into the vacuum’ from the album ‘Amaroid’ when Torben also hit two small red drums at the end of the song. ‘Prozac junkies’ from the same album followed and made the audience respond with dancing feet and clapping hands. The first highlight followed with ‘Advance’ from the album ‘Her liquid arms’ that many people should know from the clubs. The following ‘The girls’ – also from the ‘Amaroid’ album – was introduced by hard drum beats of Markus Halter while Felix Marc brought out gentle keyboard lines while Sash added harsher guitar riffs. The next title ‘Leaving Hollywood’ was dedicated to all birthday children of the evening – this song was his first song and also something to celebrate for DIORAMA. While during the whole evening electronic Pop and Goth sounds were dominating, the sound changed to more restraint sounds where Markus left the big drum kit and took over the two small drums where he added only slight percussions to the song. The following ‘Someone dies’ also was very sensual and offered diversified keyboard lines. The set ended with more up-tempo songs with harder electro beats and demanding guitar riffs – within those songs the yet unreleased track ‘Synthesize me’.  

The stage performance was not boring at all. DIORAMA is more than another electro band. It is a “full” band with guitar, drums, keys and vocals. Only the bass is missing since bass player Bernard has left the band. But nevertheless the gentle synth driven sound was not destroyed to an overdone guitar use. Torben acts with lots of gestures as we know him. He really lives his music. For myself, I found guitar player Sash most interesting to watch. He was totally stuck into the things he was doing, moving over the stage, bowing down with the instrument or lifting it up. And besides that, the kilt became him very well. Another nice element was the fact that Torben and also Markus changed to the small drums within the show. But not only was the band deeply into their music. Also the audience was; dancing a lot and singing along as well as giving well deserved applause. Several people were longing for encores which could not have been given due to the tight schedule. During DIORAMA’s show one also could see what a good light show can do for a show. The performing artists were lit very well, smoke reflected diversified lights. Well done guys!


01. Odyssey into the vacuum
02. Prozac junkies
03. Advance
04. The girls
05. Leaving Hollywood
06. Someone dies
07. Synthesize me
08. The pulse of life
09. Last minute

Music 9
Performance 9
Light 8
Sound 8
Total 8.7


[:SITD:] is short for SHADOWS IN THE DARK which is a metaphoric picture for the musical and lyrical content of the band which can be counted amongst the most acclaimed electronic projects of the present international club scene. Carsten started the band in 1996 together with Thorsten Lau and brought out the self produced CDs ‘Trauerland’ and ‘Atomic’ only in very limited amounts. In autumn 1999 Tom entered the band and soon they started to write the hit ‘Snuff Machinery’ which was only handed over to some DJs who played the songs in the clubs where it became a big hit. The song was later on also released on the ‘Septic II’ compilation what made them known even further. Several labels were interested by finally Accession Records got to sign the band. The ‘Snuff EP’ occupied the top position in German alternative charts for several weeks. The official debut album ‘Stronghold’ was released in 2003. Furthermore, [:SITD:] were remixing several other bands. The band also played the big festivals such as WGT or M’era Luna and toured with several well-known bands like VNV NATION or COMBICHRIST. The latest and second full-time album is ‘Coded Message: 12’ was released in spring 2005. [:SITD:] are Carsten Jacek (vocals, lyrics), Thomas ‘Tom’ Lesczenski (music, programming, backing vocals) and Francesco ‘Frank’ D’Angelo (keys). /

[:SITD:] presented a range of well-known songs through their career where anyway the main issue was put on the older and celebrated songs from the first album ‘Stronghold’. The songs of [:SITD:] are constantly real EBM with lots of vocal samples. And as always, Carsten had some difficulties with the English pronunciation even though he seems to get better with that. And as always, the audience did not care. ;) Despite a small exception – the slower songs ‘Venom’ and ‘Suffering in Solitude’ which presented Tom at the microphone – the show was one of the faster kinds which made people move. The new songs ‘Richtfest’, ‘Wegweiser’ (both with German lyrics) or ‘Brand of Cain’ (more a mid-tempo track with a good melody and nice hooks) were celebrated as well as the old hits. I especially liked the two songs where Tom was on vocal duty. His voice sounded really good. The set ended with the all-time favorite ‘Snuff Machinery’.

Back from a “real” band set-up to the typical electronic one with keyboards and a vocalist. The synthesizers of Tom and Frank were built up it the sites of stage. This time there was less room than usually because the big drum set of DIARY OF DREAMS already was built up. And so, the band could not use the usual podiums and only small banners showing the band logo in front of the keyboards. First, Tom and Frank entered the stage wearing their own band merchandising starting a long intro. Then, Carsten – wearing as always a wooly hat – occupied the space in-between the keyboards to start the energetic show. There was a good mood on and in front of the stage. When Tom took over the microphone, Carsten has left the stage. The calmer passage was very well placed and made it possible to take a breath in the middle of the show before they started their excessive movement again. When I remember past shows when [:SITD:] had nearly no light at all I must acclaim that the band learned a lot. In Krefeld they did not hide in the dark and created a very nice light show on stage. We learn: also electro bands of the harder kind can have a light show where you actually see the band. ;)


01. Intro
02. Richtfest
03. Brand of Cain
04. Lebensborn
05. Firmament
06. Venom (slow)
07. Suffering in solitude
08. Laughingstock
09. Wegweiser
10. Snuff machinery

Music 8
Performance 8
Light 7
Sound 8
Total 7.9

Diary of Dreams

Adrian Hates, had and singer of DIARY OF DREAMS, started his musical career as bass player in GARDEN OF DELIGHT. But soon he reached his borders and so he set up an own project at the end of the eighties. The first output was ‘Cholymelan’ in 1994 on the Dion Fortune label. But soon after, Adrian founded his own label Accession records where the second CD ‘End of Flowers’ was released in 1996 followed one year later by ‘Bird without wings’.  During the years, the sound of the band moved towards more electronic fields, several CDs were released and also the band line-up changed. The latest studio album ‘Nigredo’ was released end of 2004 followed by the EP ‘Menschfeind’. After the album release, the band went on extensive tour where also the DVD ‘Nine in Numbers’ was recorded which finally hit the stores in November 2006. At the moment, the band is working on a new album which maybe will be released in spring 2007. DIARY OF DREAMS are Adrian Hates (vocals, guitar), Gaun:A (guitar), D.N.S. (drums) and Torben Wendt (keyboard, second voice). /


DIARY OF DREAMS are famous for creating deeply melancholy worlds of sound marked by Adrian’s charismatic voice and ingenious lyrics. Lots of electronic elements are added to the gothic mood of the songs. After the intro ‘Kalt’ the band started quite exalted with ‘Leb-los’ and Adrian on guitar. With ‘Psycho-logic’ the set moved towards the 2004 album ‘Nigredo’ where the reverb of guitars and electronic background noises underlined the voice of singer Adrian. The older song ‘The Curse’ was celebrated a lot and caused a lot of excitement within the audience which sang along the refrain. Following ‘The Cage’ from the ‘Menschfeind’ EP combined soulful ambience with danceable melodies. The harder ‘Soulstripper’, which followed, was a bit older but still it is a very dark and also loved song. ‘END(giftet)’ with its German lyrics was surely another highlight of the show as well as the following songs ‘Mankind’ and ‘Butter:Fly Dance!’ which made the audience to sing along again.

The set went on with the guitar-based ‘She’ and ‘Treibsand’ – again with German lyrics. ‘Amok’ and ‘Panik’ impressed with sometimes pushing and sometimes calmer passages. The main set ended with the melancholic ‘Traumtänzer’ where Adrian left the audience singing the refrain alone. The band returned for a first encore consisting of ‘Giftraum’ and ‘Kindrom’ from the ‘Nigredo’ album. Another break followed where encores hardly were demanded. After a few discussions, Adrian and Torben performed an acoustic version of ‘Amok’ instead of  the planned encores ‘Oh Brother Sleep’ and ‘Chemicals’ – probably because there was not enough time left.

The time for headliner DIARY OF DREAMS had come at 23.20. First the stage was covered in darkness and silence, then shades of mist appeared and the intro set in. One after another the band entered the stage… mostly dressed very well in long black coats. Adrian mostly was moving in the middle of the stage celebrating his songs with lots of emotion. Every now and then he moved to one of the other musicians for closer contact, a smile or just to get the more attention. As if that was needed… the others gathered attention themselves. Gaun:A with his extensive guitar play, moving from one site of the stage to the other where on each side a microphone for him was placed so he could provide his backing vocals. D.N.S. with his passionate drum play which made him sweat very soon so he took off his shirt. And Torben behind the keys with his beautiful second voice. Every song was celebrated by the audience, people were dancing and singing. Sparklers were lit up (even though soon after a technician told the ladies to put them out) and there was a very nice mood in the room. As known, Adrian opened his tied hair during the show what made several female hearts beating faster. Adrian reached out the microphone to let the fans sing alone. It was a fantastic show and when the last sounds were faded away, people still wanted more.


01. Kalt
02. Leb-los
03. Psycho-logic
04. The Curse
05. The Cage
06. Soul Stripper
07. END(giftet)
08. Mankind
09. Butterfly:Dance!
10. She
11. Treibsand
12. Amok
13. Panik
14. Traumtänzer
15. Giftraum
16. Kindrom
(17. Planned: Oh Brother Sleep)
(18. Planned: Chemicals)
17.  Amok (acoustic)

Music 10
Performance 9
Light 9
Sound 8
Total 9.3

With fantastic concerts, this was the perfect birthday party for the label – and a well appreciated Christmas gift for the fans.

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