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Aurora, St. Petersburg, Russia
5th November 2010
Diorama, Sinine

The final concert of DIORAMA’s mini tour in Russia took place in St. Petersburg so some got an opportunity to see two shows in a row. However, the quantity of people at the venue was a bit smaller than in Moscow on the day before, but this time only devoted fans of the band gathered there. The opening acts were supposed to be Russian synthpop projects FLOOR SEVEN and NEONIM yet I can’t say anything about them because had to miss out on both gigs. On the other hand, when I came the doors were open and SININE were already on the stage playing their set.


SININE blends diverse atmospheric electronic sounds with dark wave charm and often describes that mixture as dark pop. Their debut album ‘Butterflies’ was released through Accession Records in 2009 and helped the band equally with regular live shows to gain a reputation as an attracting phenomenon on the dark scene. SININE is Mauno Meesit (vocals, guitar), Andre Pichen (guitar), Liina Rätsep and Inger Lilles (live keyboards). /

Music & Performance
For SININE, the second attempt to win the Russian audience seemed to come off  a bit more successful than the previous one, mostly because of the better quality of light and sound during the set. The setlist didn’t change but the atmosphere was different and I would say the songs roused a more emotional feedback. Mauno’s deep vocals, the slightly aloof manner of singing and the fine tunes, supplemented with driving guitars made even the audience’ most skeptical part clap their hands and nod their heads in tune with the music. That evening there appeared another song which shared the popularity with ‘The Girl’ and ‘Empty Me of Emptiness’. Expressive ‘The End’ produced a strong and more distinct impression and in principle really matched the tastes of many people. In general, SININE again got a warm welcome but the gig itself seemed to be too short. So the band left the stage with the sense of having fulfilled their duty and after a quick change over the last show of the evening was about to begin!

01. Inglid
02. Our Green
03. The End
04. Loner
05. Empty Me of Emptiness
06. This Girl

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 8
Total: 7.9 / 10


German formation DIORAMA was founded in 1996 and during about 14 years of existence managed to release several full-length albums and singles and also gained popularity thanks to the impressive live shows. The band’s latest creation ‘Cubed’ came out in March 2010 and became another excellent chapter in DIORAMA’s history. DIORAMA is Torben Wendt (vocals, keyboards), Felix Marc (keyboards, backing vocals), Sash Fiddler (guitar) and Marquess (drums). /

Music & Performance
DIORAMA managed to set the venue on fire as usual from the very beginning of the performance and even if it was still perceptibly cold at the unfinished club this cold didn’t disturb any more. The concert again opened with ‘Child of Entertainment’ and the setlist was the same with the exception of ‘E Minor’ and ‘Das Meer’, although the story repeated itself: Torben’s microphone died again. This time it happened just before ‘Acid Trip’ but during that forced break the vocalist could drink some tea while the fans screamed a lot to cheer him up. Of course, the performance was completely different and more energetic I would say, compared to the one in Moscow, if it ever could be less energetic or emotional so far. The musicians enjoyed their performance to the fullest and even the encore reminded a bit of a circus show when Torben did a somersault when coming out and then started juggling apples.

There was no screen this time but actually it wasn’t necessary as the huge windows behind the stage allowed the audience to get a great view of Neva quay which also helped to create an atmosphere beyond description weaved mostly of excellent melodies and sincere vocals. The time flew and the concert was over, so it felt like two encores were not enough but anyway the crowd had to accept it, but everyone could meet the band as usual at the after-party.

01. Child of Entertainment
02. Record Deal
03. Howland Road
04. Acid Trip
05. Erase Me
06. Belle?
07. Refugee
08. Her Liquid Arms
09. Ignite
10. Stereotype
11. The Girls
12. Exit the Grey
13. Why
14. Kein Mord
15. Synthesize Me
16. Advance

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 9.4 / 10

All pictures by Elena Budanova

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