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D13Backstage Halle, Munich, Germany
6th September 2013
Diorama & Kartagon

It is a long time ago... exactly it’s already 8 years since DIORAMA were visiting Munich for the last time live in Munich. This is why this evening should become something quite special…


KARTAGON is a Swiss Electro-Pop band from Basel. The band existed already in 1990 - at that time under the name PANIC ON THE TITANIC. Then later, the brothers Hannes and Thomas Daverio renamed themselves as KARTAGON. In 2003, their debut album 'Natural Instincts' was released. This year their current album, 'In The Clinic' produced by Daniel Myer, was published. On it, guest musicians like Tilo Wolff (LACRIMOSA) are also to be heard.


Music & Performance
On time both Swiss men appeared on this sudorific Friday on stage. Nice, that in spite of football, long shopping night in Munich and beer garden weather more than 200 people had found the way into the Backstage hall. Unfortunately, the light was very unfriendly for the photographers once again. With songs like 'My Sanity' or 'Red Tears' and at times female support, KARTAGON found the right tunes to get the persons going being already present at the venue and warmed them up very well for the headliner of the evening. After half an hour, they were recompensed with proper applause for their considerable appearance and left the stage.

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 3
Total: 6.25 / 10



The Electro-Pop band DIORAMA was already founded back in 1996. In 1999, they published their debut album 'Pale' which was produced by Adrian Hates (DIARY OF DREAMS). All albums also were released by his label Accession Records. Since then the band went on tour with a lot of other well-known bands like for example DIARY OF DREAMS, where Torben Wendt, head of DIORAMA, was also a long-time member, or also VNV NATION. In the meantime, they are headliners themselves - they started touring this year after the release of their topical album 'Even The Devil Doesn't Care' and are now back on stage for some more selected shows.


Music & Performance
DIORAMA, consisting of singer Torben Wendt, keyboarder Felix Marc, guitarist Sash Fiddler and drummer Markus Halter, had the audience in their hands from the very beginning. The evening was sort of “Best Of Diorama” - from old to new songs everything was represented. From 'Erase Me' to 'Hello, Goodbye', from ‘Advance' to 'Synthesize Me' - no wishes stayed open. In the stage background video sequences from concerts or highlights of the band history ran during the concert. In the front, Torben changed steadily from the microphone to the piano and was convincing once more with his easy to remember, piercing voice. The concert ended with 4 additions and the song 'The Long Way Home From The Party' and never ending applause...

Music: 10
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 8.25 / 10


All in all, it was a perfect concert evening: Great stage presence, a dance-furious audience in spite of sudorific temperatures and brilliant music!

All pictures by Erika Knepper (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

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