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AutumnMoon2015 AndOne-38Various Locations, Hameln, Germany
30th and 31st October 2015
Autumn Moon Festival Day 2: Dope Stars Inc., Clan of Xymox, Tanzwut, Diorama, Laura Carbone, Leaves’ Eyes, Beyond the Black, And One and additional pictures of Cesair, Rabbit at War, Schwarzer Engel

As a guest of this new festival you noticed the passion and enthusiastic organisation of Dominik Wrehl and his team at every touching point. The setting was superb, the range of bands extraordinarily, the frame programme diversified and the crew unexcitedly and polite. Hameln owns another attraction by now. Bands, artists, merchants and creepy characters created the biggest Halloween party in the region Weserbergland. Autumn Moon Festival: to be continued… Read now what we think of the band playing at day two.

Dope Stars Inc.

We started the second festival day at the Rattenfängerhalle with DOPE STARS INC., an Italian CyberPunk band. The guys wear fancy names: Victor Love, Fabrice LaNuit, Darin Yevonde, Ash Rexy and Andreas DeLorean. And they have a fancy look and a very enthusiastic stage performance. The audience was already in a quite good mood to clap and dance. A fine beginning on the whole.// /

  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-10
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-11
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-12
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-14
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-15
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-16
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-18
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-19
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-2
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-21
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-22
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-24
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-25
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-26
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-27
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-28
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-29
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-3
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-30
  • AutumnMoon2015_DopeStarsInc-31

Clan of Xymox

Ronny Moorings and his companions can pick from an embarrassment of riches of over 30 years band history and 15 albums of finest Dark Wave. CLAN OF XYMOX is one of the last and important representatives of Gothic music. Mystical, intense melodies with touching hook lines, a foggy atmosphere and a special sense for dark romance characterizes their work. New songs from the latest album ‘Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul’ were played as well as all-time favourites from the early years. The audience was with them all the time, you could observe a lot of expressionist dancers… With good reason Ronny praised them at the end of the set: “Hameln, you rock!“ // /

  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-1
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-10
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-12
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-13
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-14
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-15
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-16
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-17
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-18
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-19
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-2
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-20
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-21
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-22
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-23
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-24
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-25
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-26
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-27
  • AutumnMoon2015_ClanOfXymox-28


The scenery on stage with fortresses of drums and bone decorated microphones promised there would be a brute and energetic concert. And it was. Teufel, the first musician ever wearing horns on his bold entered the stage powerfully with ‘Brot und Spiele’ (‘Bread and Games’). Why are all of us here in Hameln? – just because of having fun. The audience celebrated jumping and clapping to ‘Ihr wolltet Spaß’ (‘You wanted fun’) and hands waved like the sea during ‘Meer’ (‘Sea’). Teufel had a big mouth as usually: “We consider you tope and we join in“. TANZWUT is mostly about party hard, alcohol and women - honest, filthy, straightforward. Their fans were large in numbers and so the party was hot in the crowd. Highlight of the set maybe was the ‘Merseburger Zauberspruch’ from the very early years of TANZWUT which they performed with four bagpipes. “Let’s go nuts dear audience“ – and they did with spooky masks, pyro effects, jumping and screaming… // /

  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-1
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-11
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-12
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-13
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-14
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-15
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-16
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-17
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-18
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-19
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-20
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-21
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-22
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-24
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-25
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-26
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-27
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-28
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-29
  • AutumnMoon2015_Tanzwut-3


Back to the “Sumpfe“, where Torben Wendt and his mates were already awaited impatiently. Unfortunately they had some problems with the technique so the sound check took quiet a long time. But finally the powerful show could begin. Torben reported after the first two songs that he felt “like being to a HOCICO concert“ because his in-ears were too loud. Another job for the sound engineer in the back… DIORAMA performed mainly danceable songs like ‘Synthesize Me’, ‘Ignite’ or ‘Hope’. Torben let himself go as a perfect example for the crowd. The people followed having fun dancing and clapping to the beats. Good stuff for your ears, your feet and for your eyes even: the background screen was used for showing videos and to put the cherry on the cake a retrospective of their band history with backstage impressions and party pictures with friends. The forceful hit ‘Advance’ marked the final. Next year DIORAMA will celebrate 20th anniversary. Let us hope for full time shows! // /

  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-1
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-10
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-11
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-12
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-13
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-14
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-15
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-16
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-17
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-18
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-19
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-2
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-20
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-21
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-23
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-24
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-25
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-26
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-27
  • AutumnMoon2015_Diorama-28

Laura Carbone

Quite simultaneously to DIORAMA, the adorable LAURA CARBONE with her warm voice delighted her fans and all those interested on the ship. Somebody characterized her as an awesome mix between SIOUXIE and JANIS JOPLIN. A black raw diamond. This is a fine tip for Gothics who like post punk stuff. // /

  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-01
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-02
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-03
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-04
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-05
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-06
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-07
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-08
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-09
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-10
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-11
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-12
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-13
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-14
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-15
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-16
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-17
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-18
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-19
  • AutumnMoon2015_LauraCarbone-20

Leaves’ Eyes

We had to hurry up for LEAVES‘ EYES because of delays at the other locations there was no time to pause for breath. As expected, the Symphonic Metal band from Germany and Norway focused the set on the actual release ‘King of Kings’. The stage was packed with artists because the band was escorted by long haired Vikings armed with shields, halberds and swords just like on the CD artwork. Hard guitar riffs, the wide ranged voice of the blond angel Liv Kristine and the growling of her husband Alexander Krull blew the audience away. What a party! // / // Setlist: 1. Intro / 2. Haludah the Black / 3. My Destiny / 4. The Waking Eye / 5. Edge of Steel / 6. Swords in Rock / 7. Hell to the Heavens / 8. Symphony of the Night / 9. Blazing Waters / 10. Mot Fjerne Land

  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-1
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-10
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-11
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-12
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-13
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-14
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-15
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-16
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-17
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-18
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-19
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-20
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-22
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-23
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-24
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-25
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-26
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-27
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-28
  • AutumnMoon2015_LeavesEyes-29

Beyond the Black

After a small break on the market where the haunted creatures crawled around we had to come back to Rattenfängerhalle for the newcomers BEYOND THE BLACK. They released their debut album in February 2015 and rocked the Wacken Open Air already. Curiosity about the live performance of a new Symphonic Metal band best compared to maybe XANDRIA or DELAIN with an outstanding female voice floating above forceful beats and guitar riffs brought a numerous crowd to the hall. The beautiful young singer Jenny impressed me the most - such a small girl, such a strong voice!

AutumnMoon2015 BeyondTheBlack-49AutumnMoon2015 BeyondTheBlack-25

They started off with ‘In the Shadows’ powerfully and presented their work with high motivation. The audience was interested but not overwhelmed. In company with stars with decades of artwork a newcomer band has always a hard job to do convincing its audience on a festival. They did their best to heat up the crowd and animate it to clap along and raise the arms for the devil horns (“Pommesgabel“). // / // Setlist: 1. In the Shadows / 2. Fall Into the Flames / 3. Drowning in Darkness / 4. Love Me Forever (Motörhead cover) / 5. Numb / 6. When Angels Fall / 7. Songs of Love and Death / 8. Hallelujah / 9. Running to the Edge

  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-10
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-11
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-12
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-14
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-15
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-16
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-17
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-19
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-20
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-21
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-22
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-23
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-24
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-25
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-26
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-27
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-28
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-29
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-3
  • AutumnMoon2015_BeyondTheBlack-30

And One

Take a deep breath and prepare for the masters of party – AND ONE headlining a festival is always a save bank! They began their set with ‘An alle Krieger’ (‘To All Warriors’) directly in your face and feet… leaving no time to rest with ‘Steine sind Steine’, ‘Krieger’, ‘Get you Closer’ or ‘Metalhammer’. A firework of dance floor smash hits. Mr Naghavi was very communicative and chattered about the future plans of AND ONE. For instance: “I am so shy, I have to practice stage performance. Because possibly there will be a tour in the next year. Imagine: I would even dare to perform on the WGT“. Ok, Steve. We do not ever take you by words. Just kidding. As a die-hard fan the author of course welcomed the beloved cover of ‘Timekiller’ proclaimed with the words “A cheer for PROJECT PITCHFORK“. The crowd got freaky and jumped, enjoyed dancing and clapped. By the end of the set Mr Naghavi gave great and warm-hearted compliments to the organisers of the Autumn Moon Festival for their high enthusiasm and providence making this new event so special.

AutumnMoon2015 AndOne-54AutumnMoon2015 AndOne-58

But he could not say “farewell“… “Unfortunately we are allowed playing for one and a half hour only – but since we are already overrunning, let us honour the band which was the reason for founding AND ONE… And they sent us in the night with ‘Enjoy the silence’ (a tribute to DEPECHE MODE) – a perfect climax and ending… // / // Setlist: 1. An alle Krieger / 2. Steine sind Steine / 3. Krieger / 4. Unter meiner Uniform / 5. Für / 6. The Walk (The Cure cover) / 7. Black Generation / 8. Männermusik / 9. Deutschmaschine / 10. Timekiller (Project Pitchfork cover) / 11. Traumfrau / 12. Get you Closer / 13. High / 14. Metalhammer / 15. Panzermensch / 16. Military Fashion Show / 17. Techno Man / 18. Sometimes / 19. Shout of Joy / Encore: 20. Enjoy the Silence (a tribute to Depeche Mode)

  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-01
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-02
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-03
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-04
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-05
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-06
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-07
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-08
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-09
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-10
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-11
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-12
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-13
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-14
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-15
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-16
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-17
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-18
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-19
  • AutumnMoon2015_AndOne-20


  • AutumnMoon2015_Cesair-1
  • AutumnMoon2015_Cesair-2
  • AutumnMoon2015_Cesair-3
  • AutumnMoon2015_Cesair-4
  • AutumnMoon2015_Cesair-5
  • AutumnMoon2015_Cesair-6
  • AutumnMoon2015_Cesair-7
  • AutumnMoon2015_Cesair-8
  • AutumnMoon2015_Cesair-9

Rabbit at War

  • AutumnMoon2015_RabbitAtWar-1
  • AutumnMoon2015_RabbitAtWar-2
  • AutumnMoon2015_RabbitAtWar-3
  • AutumnMoon2015_RabbitAtWar-4
  • AutumnMoon2015_RabbitAtWar-5
  • AutumnMoon2015_RabbitAtWar-6
  • AutumnMoon2015_RabbitAtWar-7
  • AutumnMoon2015_RabbitAtWar-8

Schwarzer Engel

  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-1
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-10
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-12
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-13
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-14
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-15
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-16
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-17
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-18
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-19
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-20
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-21
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-22
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-23
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-24
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-25
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-26
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-28
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-29
  • AutumnMoon2015_SchwarzerEngel-3

All Pictures by Chris W. Braunschweiger (

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