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clanofxymox spideronthewall
Artist: Clan of Xymox
Title: Spider on the Wall
Genre: Dark Wave
Release Date: 24 July 2020
Label: Metropolis Records

Album Review

After almost 40 years of constant productivity, CLAN OF XYMOX and their mastermind Ronny Moorings hardly need any introduction anymore. Originally from the Netherlands, they definitely had a huge influence on the gothic subculture with their characteristic mix of Dark Rock music and electronic elements. 24 July now saw the release of their sixteenth studio album ‘Spider On The Wall’. With this album Ronny Moorings, who does all himself from the writing process to the final mixing, explores a range of aspects of live like love, loss and starting anew. Already the opener ‘She’ is greeting us immediately with the classic CLAN OF XYMOX sound. The accompanying video actually captures quite well how this song feels to me. Despite the lyrics being rather sombre, the song reminds me of long and happy hours dancing in goth clubs and simply loosing myself in the music.

There are songs which are more on the dreamy and romantic side like ‘Lovers’ or ‘All I Never Know’. The latter is basically a homage to the many years spent with his wife Mojca Zugna accompanied by a compilation of old video memories. On the other side there are songs with driving rhythms like ‘Into The Unknown’ or ‘Black Mirror’ which was inspired by the eponymous series and has an unusually catchy chorus. Then again there is the title track ‘Spider on the Wall’ which feels wonderfully dark and ominous with lyrics creating strong images. And furthermore ‘My New Lows’ which chorus is one of my favourites thanks to the high and atmospheric vocals alternating with the guitar lines like in a dialogue.

With ‘Spider on the Wall’ CLAN OF XYMOX remain very true to their own style. While not exactly mind-blowingly innovative, instead it is a beautifully and excellently made album for all Dark Wave fans which offers an intriguing spectrum of different moods and atmospheres. Of course, like so many other bands, CLAN OF XYMOX had been hit hard by the pandemic. They had to cancel in the midst of their US tour to get back home in time before the lockdown and needed to postpone many concerts originally planned to present the new album. Fortunately, on 23 October we can finally see them live again in Germany, in a pandemic-prove context in a circus tent in Gelsenkirchen. I am definitely looking forward very much to experience the new songs live!


01. She
02. Lovers
03. Into The Unknown
04. All I Ever Know
05. I Don’t Like Myself
06. Spider On The Wall
07. When We Were Young
08. Black Mirror
09. My New Lows
10. See You On The Other Side


Ronny Moorings

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clanofxymox spideronthewall


Music: 8
Sound: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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