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introRockpalast @ Matrix, Bochum, Germany
12th February 2016
Electronic Transformers Tour with Clan of Xymox, Rroyce & Scintilla Anima

The Electronic Transformers Tour 2016 with CLAN OF XYMOX took place in the Matrix Bochum, in the heart of the Ruhr area, on this evening. Personally I was especially looking forward to see also RROYCE again.

Scintilla Anima

In 2013 was this band founded in Düsseldorf, Germany. It’s a duo with Nangoo (vocals, keyboards) and DT (vocals, guitar), accompanied by Trinity, a dummy, as Muse for live appearances. The musical style is described as Retro sound of the 80’s blended modern Gothic and Electro sounds. In 2014, the band won the Underground Band Contest (UnBaCo) in the category “Gothic, Industrial, EBM”.


Music & Performance
The show started with a delay due to some technical problems. A young lady, dressed in black with black feathered wings and a black eye-mask entered at first the stage, took position behind a microphone in the back and stood there with her head bowed. This was already too much of a Goth cliché for my taste. Then Nangoo and DT entered the stage, dressed in black suits, balaclavas and also with eye-masks. Behind them stood the white dummy only “dressed” with an eye-mask. The show started with an intro from the playback, like a kind of audiobook, before the guys started to play. Actually I thought this kind of intro was only for the first song but I soon learnt that every song started in such a way. This made the whole performance really lame. The fumbling at the dummy every now and then didn’t make the performance much more exciting. The whole show was too affected. And as I observed the affidavit SCINTILLA ANIMA didn‘t electrify the audience either.

Music: 3
Performance: 3
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 4.5 / 10



Inspired by the sound of the eighties the German trio from Dortmund creates Synth-Pop music that sounds fresh and new but keeps the spirit of the eighties alive. Founded in 2008 the band won the UnBaCo (Underground Band Contest) in 2013, performed at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen. Furthermore they won the price as “Best Gothic- Wave band” in November and got the second place as “Best Electro-Pop band”. Amongst others, RROYCE was supporting act for CRÜXSHADOWS, SUICIDE COMMANDO and CORVUS CORAX to mention just a few. The debut album ‘Dreams& doubts& fears’ was released in 2014. Currently the band is working on the second one. Members are Casi, Kay and Al. /


Music & Performance
I have seen this band for the first time when the guys had the thankless task of being the opening act of the last day of the Blackfield Festival in 2014. Besides a small group of loyal fans who came to see the band, there were only a few people, who looked like they have just crawled out of their tents and were still occupied with the most existential questions “Who am I? How many? And if yes, why not?” The singer Casi did not resign and even went up the stairs of the Amphi theatre and welcomed the sleepy heads personally. Apart from this the show was of great entertainment. With this in mind I was looking forward to see the band performing again. And on this evening even more after enduring the opening act. Elegantly dressed in suits being a trademark of the band, the guys entered the stage and in no time the party started. Casi, in a cheerful mood, animated successfully the audience to party with the band.


For ‘Bohemian life’ he let one fan of the first hour sing one verse. And soon after Casi joined the audience and started again his charm offensive. He further tried to invite the people to do some sportive exercise with the help of the song ‘Run, run, run’. Well, that didn’t work out quite right but anyway the congenial attitude of Casi carried over the audience. And with the very danceable Electro Pop songs it was hard to keep ones feet still. On this evening two new songs of the upcoming album (release date September 2016) were also introduced and worked well.

01. Over and over
02. Hide behind
03. Bohemian life
04. Run run run
05. The Principles of grace (new song)
06. Who needs (new song)
07. One. Two. Three. Four
08. I like it, when you lie
09. Thank you, I’m scared
10. Malicoda

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10


Clan of Xymox

Arisen from the Netherland squatter scene the band was founded 1984 in Nijmegen. Founding members were Ronny Mooring, who is still in the band, and Anke Wolbert. They started as XYMOX but soon changed the name into CLAN OF XYMOX. Inspired by the sound of Neue Deutsche Welle with bands like DAF, DIE KRUPPS, EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN and the upcoming Gothic/ Dark Wave music from bands like BAUHAUS, THE CURE, THE SISTERS OF MERCY, the band found its own musical style of Dark Wave sound in their 30 years career. They released 15 albums, the latest one in January 2014, several re-releases, remix albums as well as live albums and (maxi) singles. CLAN OF XYMOX are: Ronny Moorings (vocals, guitar), Mojca Zugna (bass), Sean Göbel (keyboards), Daniel Hoffmann (keyboards) and Mario Usai (guitar). /


Music & Performance
During the rebuilding time the venue filled up and I guess the show was almost sold out. The first part of the concert was in a way viscous and so most of the audience just stood and listened to the music. But when the band started to play some of its older songs it was like a wakeup call and people started to dance and sing along. Especially when the first tunes of ‘Louise’ were played the fans cheered loudly. Don’t get me wrong. The songs are surely nice but most of them are just too mid- tempo for a live show and it is after a while boring if you are not a fan of this band. Also there is not really much interaction with the audience.


01. I close my eyes
02. She is falling in love
03. The climate changed
04. Love’s on diet
05. In love we trust
06. Hail Mary
07. Emily
08. Louise
09. Jasmine and Rose
10. Farewell
11. A day
12. Mucoviet
13. Back door
14. Venus
15. Heroes

Music: 7
Performance: 6
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 6.5 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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