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SubwaytoSally24Posthalle, Würzburg, Germany
27th December 2015
Eisheilige Nacht with Subway to Sally, Letzte Instanz, Fiddlers Green, Versengold

The Eisheilige Nacht as a popular Indoor Festival has long ago made a name for oneself. Besides initiator SUBWAY TO SALLY, FIDDLER’S GREEN, and in addition LETZTE INSTANZ and VERSENGOLD will be a part to it this year. According to the season and the weather, the Eisheilige Nacht on the 2th December takes place indoors at the Posthalle Würzburg. This is one out of many locations where Eisheilige Nacht will stage their show. Next to SUBWAY TO SALLY, who is the organizer , there will be also LETZTE INSTANZ, FIDDLER’S GREEN and VERSENGOLD on stage. This special row of concerts has obtained a sure place in the calendar of the medieval and black music scene. The present line up promised to be at least as good as last years.


VERSENGOLD play exclusively acoustic medieval music with the exception of one electric guitar. Only very few bands are capable of playing music the way this is performed: so impious, cheeky and free. And not just any band has venues in their repertoire ranging from dirty Middle Age markets to hazy, dimly-lit taverns. They spread a good mood without mincing their words to a huge audience in the Posthalle in Würzburg. Neither is it easy to launch a concert night of such proportions, but VERSENGOLD aced it. With closed eyes you could travel in your mind back to the Middle Ages and stay a while. Because the music is characterised by the harmonious relationship of the musicians, it was infectious for the audience. I always like to see and listen to their continual wave of a giving and taking. What a pity that only lasted a half an hour. I’d like to see more of it sometime. Could the name VERSENGOLD perhaps be derived from the German word “Fersengeld” (money that has to be paid to flee)? This is a question I am still pondering. // / // Rating: 8 / 10


Letzte Instanz

The first two songs of LETZTE INSTANZ suggested time for a musical break. These songs were calm and pleasant with a touch of pop. But we were left guessing how they would proceed. The true face of LETZTE INSTANZ revealed itself beginning with the third piece: The sort of acoustic and visual fireworks pelting down on the audience cannot be completely described here. It became very rocky, not in the sense of hard rock but rather like Middle Age rock with great gusto. And how the audience responded could be described by vocalist Holly Loose: “Make a ditch in the middle.” The crowd parted into groups on the left and right. Then, Holly Loose said to the right group (seen from stage): “You are the good ones”, and tested this with the volume control. Following the intensity of the volume, the crowd raised its voice from very soft to very loud. The left side did the same. Following the volume control, all of them sang, sometimes very softly and sometimes very loudly, finally uniting in a choir. The whole show was very impressive and unique. // / // Rating: 9 / 10


Fiddlers Green

At least the name of the band FIDDLER’S GREEN one has been reading a lot lately on posters and flyers. Brilliant, filled with action and energy and above all very variable, the music presented itself at the Posthalle Würzburg. No chance to be bored since FIDDLER’S GREEN fascinated to its full extend. This explosion, this thunderstorm of music and power is still remaining in the ears and heads. Even more, this music must have found its way to the brains of the spectators. And I am not only referring to myself. This band already exists for 25 years and regarding its fun in presenting and its durability, nothing of its power and striking force has been lost. You won´t get any younger and at a certain age the personal energy has to be balanced- the members of FIDDLER’S GREEN appear to be younger than ever since. It’s the opposite of a marriage that doesn´t stand 25 years: The 25 years of FIDDLER’S GREEN’s existence represent the time of a grooving silver marriage! FIDDLER’S GREEN, go on to the next 25 years and even longer!!! We wish you the best. / // Rating: 9 / 10


Subway to Sally

After FIDDLER’S GREEN had prepared the stage for the audience, SUBWAY TO SALLY entered the stage as the last band playing at Eisheilige Nacht. The Eisheilige (Ice Saints) as the last messengers of winter are representative of spring rather than winter. Ice and hypocrites (“Scheinheilige”) are, however, much more fitting for the winter. The increasing popularity of this annual festival can be attributed to the organizer of this event, Eric Fish. And as usually, his band was headlining the festival. SUBWAY TO SALLY presented mainly songs from their latest album ‘Mitgift’ plus some encores, but for the time being nothing new, however, their strategy still worked for them. Because the audience was quite familiar with the lyrics, the sounds and the songs seemed to come effortlessly. This spectacle was supported by the use of subdued pyrotechnics during the first three songs. Fish and the two other band members spewed fire during their first song—a remarkable feature. Just before the end, subdued effects were discarded and full pyrotechnics employed. It was as if fireworks had been set off before New Year’s Eve. After this fulminating finale, the Eisheilige Nacht was almost over. Just before packing up, several members of each participating band grouped together to perform a song arranged by Mrs Schmidt. SUBWAY TO SALLY declared the conclusion of the evening in person, accompanied by choir-like singing in the packed-out Posthalle. // / // Rating: 9.5 / 10


The Line-up for 2016 is already revealed: Eluveitie, Lord of the Lost, Vroudenspiel, and as absolute headliner Subway to Sally.

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All pictures by Fred Gasch

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