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letzteinstanz ewig
Artist: Letzte Instanz
Title: Ewig
Genre: Alternative / Gothic / Rock
Release Date: 31st August 2012
Label: Drakkar Entertainment

Album Review

“With this release we brought ‘Brachialromantik’ to the point. And so the wheel is come full circle: Every sinner has a future, every saint has a past... and this will be forever!” - (Holly Loose about ‘Ewig’)

Finally the trilogy has come to full circle…! What ‘Schuldig’ began, was pointed out on ‘Heilig’ and ends now with ‘Ewig’. And what an ending it is…!

The dull ambience of ‘Aeternitas’ gives me the creeps instantly… the sentence that is repeated over and over again while the music is creating a certain mood really impresses. The subsequent song ‘Ewig’ is one of the most overwhelming songs by LETZTE INSTANZ so far, because within this composition almost all facets and developments of their songwriting from over the years are contained. Most of all, this song reminds me of the ‘Das Spiel’-era which was formative for my enthusiasm for this band. ‘Nur für uns’ is going to be a smasher on live performances, that’s for sure… I definitely would bet on it! Those guys are well known for their efforts all around their fan base and this song seems to be just like there’s a certain bond woven between band and fans…

‘Blind’ in my opinion is one of the weaker song on this release, if one dare to say that at all. The collaboration with EISBLUME seems to owe a songwriting that is more “mainstream” - it’s not that song that blows your mind due to the fact, that there a lot of songs like this that can be heard on broadcast. ‘Regenbogen’ ties in with the creative period LETZTE INSTANZ followed within their last releases and makes definitely clear that those guys created a perfectly fitting collaboration of rock music with old string-instruments… without sounding like the most arrangements nowadays. Over the years the comprehension for the usage of those two parts in combination grew, so that one can say that they really are pioneers in this genre.

‘Wieder Einmal Rot’, ‘Tausendschön’ and ‘Schwarzer Sand’ are the best examples that not only the songwriting of LETZTE INSTANZ is one of the most diversified in their scene but that also singer Holly Loose advanced his vocals in a tremendous way. I’m honestly astonished how self-confident and varied Holly’s voice sounds on ‘Ewig’ - it seems that he finally breaks loose and consolidates his vocal abilities to a level on which he is definitely able to play with his expression… and therefore worth his audience! Bravo!

‘Et In Arcadia Ego’ is an instrumental, but also a smasher that will bring the audience to the boil when it’s played live… I’m pretty sure that David Pätsch will savour this moment when he handles his drums… awesome! ‘Von Anfang An’, which was chosen as a single release, and ‘Wo das Meer…’ are two balladesque songs on ‘Ewig’ - both songs work very well. While ‘Schuldig’ gives me the creeps again due to the melody and the lyrics, ‘Unterwegs’ and ‘Sing!’ do that because of my imagination that these songs would definitely do it on stage. ‘Mein Kind’ completes this release with a melancholic a sad atmosphere that again gives me goose bumps.

Now, with ‘Ewig’ the trilogy has come to full circle and it seems to me that LETZTE INSTANZ are capable of managing the quadrature of the circle… because within this release somehow they managed that all of their levels of development and decades are mapped without standing still. In fact, their songwriting appears more educated, more grown up and distinctive. Of course, there’s a little weakening within this release e.g. ‘Blind’, but that’s my humble opinion and these facts mentioned above are forward-looking for further releases. No wonder at all, ‘Ewig’ is highly recommended!

Tour Dates

16.09.12 Jena – Altstadtfest,  LI Showtime: 20.00-22.00h/ Free Entrance!
10.10.12 Köln - Live Music Hall, Show Letzte Instanz: 21h
11.10.12 Bochum – Matrix, Show Letzte Instanz:21h
12.10.12 Hannover – Musikzentrum, Support: Lord of the Lost
13.10.12 Hamburg – Grünspan, Support: Lord of the Lost
17.10.12 Wien (Österreich) – Szene, Support: Lord of the Lost
18.10.12 München – Backstage, Support: Lord of the Lost
19.10.12 Karlsruhe – Substage,  Show Letzte Instanz:21h
20.10.12 Pratteln (Schweiz) - Z7, Show Letzte Instanz:23h
24.10.12 Frankfurt – Batschkapp, Support: Lord of the Lost
25.10.12 Nürnberg – Hirsch, Support: Lord of the Lost
26.10.12 Leipzig - Werk 2, Support: Lord of the Lost
27.10.12 Berlin - Kesselhaus


01. Aeternitas
02. Ewig
03. Nur Für Uns
04. Blind (feat. Eisblume)
05. Regenbogen
06. Wieder Einmal Rot
07. Tausendschön
08. Schwarzer Sand
09. Et In Arcadia Ego
10. Von Anfang An
11. Wo Das Meer...
12. Schuld
13. Unterwegs
14. Sing!
15. Mein Kind


Holly Loose – Vocals
Holly D. – Vocals, Guitar
Oli – Guitar
Micha – Bass
David Pätsch – Drums
Muttis Stolz – Violin
Benni Cellini – Cello

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letzteinstanz ewig


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Extras: ltd. edition with shirt
Total: 9.5 / 10

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