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Alter Schlachthof, Dresden, Germany
6th November 2010
Letzte Instanz, Mina Harker, Broken Soldiers Project

In autumn 2010, LETZTE INSTANZ started their new tour around Germany. The new CD release ‘Heilig’ (Holy) was presented at the club Alter Schlachthof. The former slaughterhouse is situated between other old industrial buildings. It was the last concert of the first leg and so, 1.500 fans from all over Germany came to be a part of the show.

Broken Soldiers Project

This is a band from Dresden, Germany. Traditional and experimental alike, they are committed to their musical heritage but still are ready to explore new ways. Their musical mix of hard, catchy music, gloomy electronic inclusions and English lyrics seemed to hit well with the audience.

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 7 / 10

Mina Harker

MINA HARKER is a German gothic rock band, which has accepted the gloomy legends and everyday truths. MINA HARKER's sound has good, hard guitar riffs and the vocal power of the lead singer completes the picture. It becomes clear that they are perfect as support for LETZTE INSTANZ. ‘Rache ist Süß’ (Revenge is sweet) convinced the audience quickly; ‘Lolita’ was played as well and Mina - in a very sexy outfit - sung the lines very wicked. Certainly, they won over many new fans with songs such as ‘Tiefer’ and ‘Der Letzte Kuss’.

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8 / 10

Letzte Instanz

‘Schuldig’ (guilty) was only the first of a trilogy that continues with ‘Heilig’ (holy). And so the newly formed band with Holly Loose (vocals), M. Stolz (violin), B. Cellini (cello), Oli (guitar), Holly D. (guitar), David Paetsch (drums) and Micha (bass) had to perform some of the new songs to an expectant audience. /

Music & Performance
Dresden - here the band was founded in 1996 and every performance in their hometown must feel like going “back to the roots”. The lights went down; the curtain was illuminated in red while the intro was sounding through the hall. It was showing the shadow of a cross that became a person, Holly. The beginning is always the same but the fans have been waiting for this celebration. Fire was kindled and the spectacle took its course. The set was a very good mix of old and new pieces. ‘Neue Helden’ was kind of this evening’s motto: The boys were back in town and here they were celebrated passionately. You could feel the heat in the hall and in the hearts of everyone. Fire and pyrotechnics bathed the stage in a brilliant light. The fans had so much fun and the musicians gave their best.

To the track ‘Flucht ins Glück’ the audience and band jumped simultaneously while on ‘Dein Licht’ and the extremely quiet ‘Monument der Stille’, Holly's voice could come to particularly good effect. Everyone could draw new energy during these “breaks”. ‘Wir sind allein’ was the highlight of the show and ‘Die Winterträne’ the quiet ending of the night. The lights lit up and the people made their ways back home, lost in thoughts. It’s been a great show and now we are waiting for the 2nd leg, starting on 26th December 2010 in Bremen, Germany.

01. Intro / Dein Gott
02. Schau in mein Gesicht
03. Neue Helden
04. Atme!
05. Der Garten
06. Maskenball
07. Schlaf, schlaf !
08. Flucht ins Glück
09. Tanz
10. Dein Licht
11. Monument der Stille
12. Ohne dich
13. Eismeer
14. Der letzte Tag
15. Komm!
16. Finsternis
17. Mein Engel
18. Jeden Morgen
19. Todestag
20. Wir sind allein
21. Kalter Glanz
22. Rapunzel
23. Die Winterträne

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

All pictures by Holm Pajung

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