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Artist: Letzte Instanz
Title: Heilig
Genre: Folk Rock / Gothic
Release Date: 1st October 2010
Label: SonyBMG

Album Review

Last year, the album ‘Schuldig’ (guilty) was released. New themes have been named clearly: guilt and atonement, sin, repentance, and the headlong rush… ‘Schuldig’ is only the first of a trilogy that continues with ‘Heilig’ (holy). Within the band has changed something in that year: since May 2010, drummer Specki TD is not longer there and joined the band IN EXTREMO. David Pätsch (ex-drummer of SUBWAY TO SALLY) is now the new man an he supports the band very well.

There are 13 tracks at the ‘Heilig’ album. The short intro ‘Sanctus’ characterizes the style of ‘Heilig’ pretty good. Chorale sounds and slowly added instruments, to the end using a church song, which at various points in the track again and again appears. ‘Unsterblich’ and ‘Neue Helden’ are typical fort he band - intelligent lyrics play together with classic elements like the violin, electric guitar and drums. The singing-parts of Holly support the theme very well. ‘Schau in mein Gesicht’ with its profound lyrics and the sound of gloom suggests to thinking of. Violin and cello are also at the following ‘Atme’ very nice in the foreground.

‘Dein Gott’ is of course the highlight of the album. Everyone is waiting for an explanation but very clever it’s told about light and shadow of faith. Music and singing are moving to a limit and so the violin smoothes all to a good end. ‘Schlaf, schlaf’ is marked by a quiet, yet powerful voice of Holly. It is accompanied the most by classical instruments and so you can feel the depth of the song. ‘Der letzte Tag’ describes figuratively the Apocalypse. Guitar and violin take turns at a fast tempo and the solo in the middle is perfect to think and understand.

‘Unsichtbar’ is marking the last part of the work and it will be quiet. ‘Die Erhabene’ and ‘Der Kuss’ deal with the lovely ladies, even in the form of a dead queen and once as a lover. From the parting, loneliness and lost the final act in the songs, ‘Eismeer’ and ‘Winterträne’. They seem very emotional and stress the uniform high textual and instrumental quality of ‘Heilig’. The theme of ‘Heilig’ was handled well. The album has more choral than its predecessor and in some titles it is rocking on.


01. Sanctus
02. Unsterblich
03. Neue Helden
04. Schau in mein Gesicht
05. Atme!
06. Dein Gott
07. Schlaf, schlaf
08. Der letzte Tag
09. Unsichtbar
10. Die Erhabene
11. Der Kuss
12. Eismeer
13. Winterträume


Holly – Vocals
M. Stolz – Violin
B. Cellini – Cello
Oli – Guitar
Holly D. – Guitar
Micha – Bass
David Pätsch – Drums

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


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