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introMatrix, Bochum, Germany
11th October 2012
Letzte Instanz, Lord Of The Lost

The next stop on their 'Ewig' tour lead LETZTE INSTANZ and LORD OF THE LOST to the Matrix club in Bochum where already a long queue was waiting to get in.

Lord Of The Lost

Before starting his own band with LORD OF THE LOST in 2008, initiator Chris Harms has been involved in various musical activities already. He started as vocalist for PHILLIAE, played live guitar for BIG BOY and worked with THE PLEASURES as well. Nearly instantly after its inception, LORD OF THE LOST locked themselves up in the studio, spending most of 2008 working on their debut album. The album’s called ‘Fears’ and has been released in February 2010, followed by the sophomore ‘Antagony’ in April 2011 via Out of Line. The latest album ‘Die Tomorrow’ was out at the end of August. LORD OF THE LOST is Chris Harms (vocals, guitar, cello), Bo Six (guitar), Class Grenayde (bass), Gared Dirge (piano, synthesizer, percussion, guitar) and Disco (drums). / /


Music & Performance
Many had already nailed a good place when we entered the tube but something close to the mixing desk would do it as well. LOD OF THE LOST couldn't have been a better choice making the opening. From the very first sound with the new album's title track 'Die Tomorrow', the band managed to keep the crowd on their toes and to raise the heat down there even more. Also, the track is really catchy and as such best suited to open a set. 'Black Lolita' was the straight-in-yer-face type of song with a kick-ass beat and lots of scissoring metal guitars. I really must say that the band surprised me with their cover take on 'This Is The Life'. The flip side of the coin if you will… The next song raged to the opposite extreme again. That's how to do it. Just keep the crowd guessing what's coming next. If you've got a charismatic front man at that you're good to go.


01. Die Tomorrow
02. Black Lolita
03. This Is The Life
04. Break Your Heart / Prologue
05. Undead
06. Dry The Rain
07. See You Soon
08. Blood For Blood
09, Sex On Legs
10 Credo

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 8 / 10


Letzte Instanz

LETZTE INSTANZ was founded in 1996 in Dresden. After they approached some labels under the former name RESISTANCE they signed a record deal with the label Costbar and recorded their first songs which are included on the first album. Later the band then changed their name to LETZTE INSTANZ. Before they even released their second album, singer Hörbi and bass player Kaspar left the band. Sebastian Lohse aka Robin Sohn and Rasta F. took over as singer and bass player. After the release of their fourth album ‘Götter auf Abruf’, again three members of the band (incl. the singer) left the band. With him a new era began for LETZTE INSTANZ which culminated in the 2012 release of ‘Ewig’, the final album of a trilogy started with ‘Schuldig’ and continued with 'Heilig'. LETZTE INSTANZ is Holly (vocals), M. Stolz (violin), B. Cellini (cello), Oli (guitar), Holly D. (guitar), Micha (bass) and David Pätsch (drums). / /


Music & Performance
The mandatory changeover followed afterwards. But the seasoned stage hands and engineers got it over with quickly enough, the lights shut down and words were whispered like “Every guilty man's got a future, every holy man's got a past and it's going to stay that way forever”, just a little introduction to the applauded performance of 'Ewig'. It hardly took the band a second to conquer the entirety of the audience. It was like a dedication to the audience when Holly introduced 'Nur für uns.' and the crowd gladly took it as an invitation to party on happily. 'Blind' which on the album is a duet with EISBLUME became the very first sing-a-long of the evening with an audience as loud as you'd expect from a much bigger crowd actually.


As our host Holly aptly put it this evening was going to become a journey through the trilogy with a few stops at earlier chapters of the band's history thrown in for good measure. There were those highlights like 'Wieder einmal Rot' and the sinister 'Schwarzer Sand' amongst classics such as 'Kopfkino' or 'Der letzte Tag'. At the end of the main set, closed with 'Tausendschön' a picture was taken from up on the stage that should've captured the evening's mood to the fullest. Two encore blocks, the band would be still playing for their ever-craving fans, including the set regulars 'Wir sind allein', sung by everyone and 'Rapunzel' among others. ‘Rapunzel’ was quite an experience since THE WHITE STRIPES’ ‘Seven Nation Army’ was included and anyone had lots of fun singing along this tune. Definitely a show to remember and I'm sure I'm not the only one seeing it that way.


01. Aeternitas & Ewig
02. Nur für uns
03. Blind
04. Unerreicht
05. Morgenrot
06. Wieder einmal Rot
07. Traumlos
08. Schwarzer Sand + Et In Arcadia
09. Regenbogen
10. Der Garten
11. Atme!
12. Von Anfang an
13. Ohne Dich
14. Kopfkino
15. Schuld
16. Sing!
17. Der letzte Tag
18. Tausendschön
19. Intro & Flucht ins Glück
20. Finsternis
21. Wir sind allein
22. Rapunzel (& Seven Nation Army by White Stripes)
23. Schlaf, Schlaf

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 9
Total: 8.9 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / / /

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