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lotl theloveofgod
Artist: Lord Of The Lost
Title: The Love Of God
Genre: Dark Rock / Dark Metal
Release Date: 13th May 2016
Label: Out Of Line Music

EP Review

LORD OF THE LOST, founded in 2007 by Chris Harms, is a German Dark Rock band that probably everyone moving in this music circle has at least heard of. In May 2016, their EP ‘The Love of God’ was released as precursor to their latest album ’Empyrean’ (29th July 2016) including a piano version and two “remixes” of the title track as well as ‘Another Sunny Day In Paradise’ - a new song - and ’Blut Für Blut (Blood for Blood - ERDLING version)’. Let’s start with the original version of ’The Love Of God’. Harms’ vocals switch between deep singing and throaty screaming and the whole track reminds me of earlier songs from DOPE. Nothing to bitch about here, it’s a solid LOTL song that I can imagine to be a grenade when played live. Following up is the piano version, called ‘The Love Of God (Piano [Per]Version)’. And damn, the piano sounds amazing! Kind of like in ‘Phantom Of The Opera’, and almost like in a videogame. This is where you enter the vampire’s castle! However, the vocals remain as brutal as in the original track, which gives the whole song an amazingly eerie sound. And talking about eerie, at about three thirds there’s also a circus-like interlude that rounds the whole cool creepiness off. TA true stroke of genius!

‘The Love of God (Tobias Mertens Ego Version)’ is simply the instrumental version of the track. Although “simply” isn’t quite the right thing to stay. Screaming guitars, booming drums and an overall on point performance of this version make it a pleasure to listen to, and even though Harms’ vocals are missing, it doesn’t suffer from it too much since it’s very powerful on its own. ‘Another Sunny Day In Paradise’, the new song and fourth track, is anything but the song you’ll have imagined by reading the title. Massive changes in tempo dominate in this one, and Harms is either screaming at us or sings, almost weeps, with a sad heaviness in his voice. This interplay is accompanied by enormous soundscapes that range from Hardcore-in-your-face-riffs to eerie jingling and drums that make your stomach sink. Incredibly powerful song, hands down! Last but not least is ’Blut Für Blut (Blood for Blood - ERDLING version)’. As the title says, it’s LOTL’s song ‘Blood For Blood’ performed by ERDLING and with German lyrics. And what can I say - it’s definitely my favourite on this EP, although it’s “just“ a different version of an old song. Which, to say in my defence, was also new to me! Anyway - what we got here is a very nice finisher to a great EP which is a round thing in general. Not too many remixes of the same song, nothing too similar, nothing boring. Well done!


01. The Love Of God
02. The Love Of God (Piano [Per] Version)
03. The Love Of God (Tobias Mertens Ego Version)
04. Another Sunny Day In Paradise
05. Blood For Blood (Blood For Blood - ERDLING Version)


Chris Harms – Vocals, Guitar, Cello
π – Guitar
Class Grenayde – Bass
Gared Dirge - Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion, Guitar
Tobias Mertens – Drums  Guitar

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lotl theloveofgod


Music: 9
Sound: 9.5
Total: 9.25 / 10

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