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lordofthelost swansongsIII
Artist: Lord Of The Lost
Title: Swan Songs III
Genre: Gothic Metal
Release Date: 7th August 2020
Label: Napalm Records

Album Review

LORD OF THE LOST is a band that does not need to be introduced anymore. In the last decade they grew, developed themself and had a huge influence on the international Gothic and Alternative scene. They have never been scared to experiment, to provoke, speak up for their ideals, to mix genres and therefore actually develop their very own and unmistakable signature style and sound.

Along with the harder Metal influenced songs that never fail to surprise and use all kinds of different music genres for inspiration, the love for classic music that influenced many of them from childhood on never faded, and so in 2015 the band decided to release their first classic album ‘Swan Songs’ and present their fans another fragile, yet strong and exceptionally emotional side of their creative word. The release and also the live shows were welcomed so warmly that from there on it was clear this would become an integral part of their work. LORD OF THE LOST created with their third classic influenced album ‘Swan Songs III’ the third part and therefore a trilogy by now, but this outstanding journey of the classic experiments will not end here for sure.

The opening song ‘A Splintered Mind’ was released with an atmospheric music video that serves its purpose of creating an audio and visual package that keeps the focus on the music, the instruments and the musicians playing them - minimalistic yet strong approach without too many details that might draw the attention away from the music, yet perfectly telling the story of the song. The music video for the second song on the first CD might be a bit hard for you to watch if you, like I do, love music instruments as what you will see is pure destruction of violins and other instruments and well, damn that got me right in the feels. So be warned. But beside the cruel behaviour towards (as stated old and not functioning) instruments also here the focus is clearly on the atmosphere.

In general, if you listen to the album for the first time, or repeatedly, get yourself a cosy spot in your room, let everything else out, close your eyes and let the music fill your mind. The songs written extra for the album as well as these that have been rearranged create a unique sound and universe - so far away from our modern, everyday world and at the same time they feel so close to the heart. There is even room for silence - the song ‘4’33”’, a cover of the same titled piece by John Cage. The idea to put the song on the silence, as Chris Harms tells, was a mixture of a joke, but also the fascination of the role of silence in music that is unquestioned to be an important part in music compositions just like notes are.

Personal highlights on the first CD are the songs ‘Unfeel’ and ‘Deathless’ - playing with hardly tangible unrest underneath the fragile compositions - a perfect song is the interplay of the composition and the emotions it creates - and this album is able to create a wide range of emotions, the songs mentioned above do so for me in a very intense way. And - of course! ‘We Were Young’ feat. HEAVEN CAN WAIT choir - if you haven’t yet, please watch the documentary about this lovely, heart-warming and extraordinary great collaboration with a senior choir in Hamburg - you will be probably surprised, but even more inspired to experience the energy and these amazing people and the collaboration of the choir with LORD OF THE LOST.

The second CD features “older” songs that have been rearranged and oh my heart, to listen to the songs that are already exceptional in their “original” version, being enriched by the outstanding work of the ensemble - just listen to ‘Black Halo’ or ‘Cut Me Out’. A highlight is for sure also the 18’00” long ‘Letters To Home’ - an epos by itself!

LORD OF THE LOST hold the high standards they set for themselves, seek their inspiration from everywhere without limiting their own horizon and so create an outstanding release that is another, no longer needed prove, of their high professionalism as musicians and an endless inspiration for their fans and other artists - ‘Swan Songs III’ is a masterpiece, not limited by any expectations, but proving the magnificent talent and hard work that has been put into every single release of LORD OF THE LOST and this album is no exception.


01. A Splintered Mind
02. A One Ton Heart
03. Dying On The Moon (fest. Joy Frost)
04. Zunya
05. Unfeel
06. Deathless
07. Agape
08. Hurt Again
09. Amber
10. We Were Young (fest. HEAVEN CAN WAIT Chor)
11. 4’33”
12. Dying On The Moon (Joyless version)
13. We Were Young (fest. HEAVEN CAN WAIT Chor - ZDF Version)

01. Loreley (Swan Songs III Version)
02. Morgana (Swan Songs III Version)
03. Black Halo (Swan Songs III Version)
04. Cut Me Out (Swan Songs III Version)
05. In Silence (Swan Songs III Version)
06. Seven Days Of Anavrin (Swan Songs III Version)
07. My Heart Is Black (Swan Songs III Version)
08. Letters To Home (Swan Songs III Version)


Chris Harms - Vocals, Violoncello, Semi Acoustic Guitar
π - Acoustic Guitar
Bengt Jaeschke - Acoustic Guitar
Class Grenayde - Acoustic Bass
Gared Dirge - Grand Piano
Corvin Bahn - Organ, Harpsichord, Celeste
Maline Zickow - 1st Violin
Felicitas Fischbein - 2nd Violin
Ida Luzie Phlipp - Viola
Miriam Göbel - Violoncello
Julia C. Pfänder - Contrabass
Niklas Kahl - Percussions
Daniel Möhrke - Percussions
Henrik Petschull - Percussions


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lordofthelost swansongsIII


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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