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lordofthelost27Columbia Theater, Berlin, Germany
6th October 2018
Lord Of The Lost & Scarlet Dorn

For the start of the concert LORD OF THE LOST have come up with something different. Shortly before the support act began, there was a fashion show hosted by Chris Harms. Band members showcased garments from the band’s current range of merchandise, including T-shirts and underwear. This fun event before the musical delights of the evening brought laughter and good mood in the Columbia Theater right from the beginning.

Scarlet Dorn

In 2016 came the first release of the band with the EP ‘Heavy Beauty’. In the spring of 2017 they had been on tour with LORD OF THE LOST already and in 2018 finally came the long awaited debut album, ‘Lack of Light’. The album was produced by Chris Harms and Benjamin Lawrenz.


Music & Performance
Right on time at 8 pm, SCARLET DORN and band took the stage in Berlin’s well-filled Columbia Theater. The concert started quietly and to an audience in a really good mood. Most in the audience appear to be fans of the voice of the singer, who originally comes from Russia. The band works totally professional and the sound in the club was also impressive. The last song, ‘Cinderella’, was a bit faster and now the fans appreciated it even more, but unfortunately the concert only lasted thirty minutes. The audience was definitely waiting for the song ‘I love the way you say my name’, which Scarlet sings in a duet with Chris Harms - but this was not on this evening’s setlist. Scarlet then asked the fans if they were ready for LORD OF THE LOST, and of course, this was greeted with great cheers. At the end of the gig, as is nowadays quite usual, the band made a photo together with the fans.


01. Hold On To Me
02. Heavy Beauty
03. I’m Armageddon
04. Dream On
05. Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned
06. Snow Black
07. I Don’t Know I Don’t Care
08. Rain
09. Cinderella

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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Lord Of The Lost

In August 2018 the current album of LORD OF THE LOST was released - and with great success. Like its predecessor ‘Empyrean’, ‘Thornstar’ made it into the top 10 of the German album charts. Some of the new songs have already been presented by LORD OF THE LOST at numerous summer festivals. But now was finally time for more. The extended “2018 / 2019 Thornstar Tour” will last until March, leading the band through 16 countries, including China.


Music & Performance
After a break of about 30 minutes, LORD OF THE LOST entered the stage, no longer in merchandise and underwear anymore. Singer Chris was in his Latex outfit again today. From the start the band rocked right out – ‘On This Rock I Will Built My Church’ was the first hit of the evening. The band was on a high right from the start and of course, that quickly spread to the audience. During ‘Sex On Legs’ they made the club boiling for the first time. The new songs also got off to a great start and worked perfectly live. The great ‘Naxxar’ was followed by ‘Black Halo’, accompanied by rhythmic clapping from the audience. The light show, as always with LORD OF THE LOST, was something special. “It’s pretty full here”, Chris said and told how back in 2011 the band had played in the Columbia Theater, in the small room next door, where today the range of merchandise was. Back then, they had performed to about 52 people! Of course, today there were a lot more - the club was almost sold out. And as usual, the fans provided a really great response to the song ‘Prison’, causing one of many goose bumps moments!


This was followed by ‘Ruins’, the last song of the album, which actually was the first completed over a year ago for the new album. It’s a real cracker, and pretty heavy too. LORD OF THE LOST demonstrated just how versatile they are. From dark rock to ballads, they can also master metal without any problems. Chris thanked the organizer for the great job and apologized for the now dirty towels on stage. “Trinity Music, don’t give us any white towels!” Chris continued to say to the fans that for him he feels he walks a tightrope of emotions when playing the new songs together with the old ones at a concert. He does not always know if they work together, but they have a good feeling now. It is unbelievable what the record did for them, recorded about a year ago in Mallorca, one of the most unusual places for such things. The mood at the concert was still perfect and ‘Dry The Rain’ and ‘Six Feet Underground’ followed and the audience went really crazy. One of the highlights was the acoustic version of ‘Cut Me Out’ performed in an almost totally dark hall, with only Chris with his acoustic guitar discreetly illuminated. The LADY GAGA cover ‘Bad Romance’ followed, which enjoys great popularity with the LORD OF THE LOST fans.


During ‘Doomsday Disco’, the LEDs from the specially built guitar shimmered beautifully through the club. Chris then suggested that they should play the encores immediately, without the fans having to beg for it. The atmosphere was consistently at a peak and Chris added that Berlin isn’t known for celebrating - “But you were great”. Chris then said that his outfit tonight was the one he had been wearing whilst filming the video shoot ‘Black Halo’ in the North Sea. Since he had become extremely sweaty during the show tonight, the clothes had begun to stink again of the sea. “I’ll have to take a shower before I meet any of you,” he said, and invited the fans to join him for photos and autographs later. The concert was brought to an end by the rock version of the song ‘Lighthouse’ from the album ‘Swan Songs II’. What a great evening - from dark rock to metal for an audience ranging from young to old.


The band also invited the fans to join them in celebration for their 10th anniversary jubilee concerts in Hamburg. These will take place in December 2019 and are already half sold out after only a few days. But I am sure most of the fans will not be able to wait that long, and will attend at least one more of the dates on the “Thornstar Tour”.

01. On This Rock I Will Built My Church
02. Loreley
03. Morgana
04. Full Metal Whore
05. Sex On Legs
06. Naxxar
07. Black Halo
08. Drag Me To Hell
09. Prison
10. Under The Sun
11. Haythor
12. Ruins
13. Dry The Rain
14. Six Feet Underground
15. Cut Me Out
16. Go To Hell
17. Bad Romance
18. Blood For Blood
19. Doomsday Disco
20. Die Tomorrow
21. La Bomba
22. Forevermore
23. Lighthouse

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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All pictures by Marko Jakob

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