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lordofthelost45Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
27th October 2018
Lord Of The Lost - “Thornstar” Tour 2018 - Support: Superloader and Scarlet Dorn

LORD OF THE LOST are unstoppable on their way up to the music Olympus. The currently released album, ‘Thornstar’, shows one more time that they are never going to repeat themselves and that here we have a huge creative potential in all the band members together. The German tour leg was coming to an end with the gig in Hamburg. But that didn’t mean a break for the band at all: the international part in about 16 countries including Mexico and China, was just about to start and continue throughout 2019. And this show showed once again why this local guys are so successful.


A special guest to open this night was the Danish band SUPERLOADER. The charismatic band from Copenhagen was introduced by the Lord himself as an act that he was personally really looking forward to see and listen to tonight. With such a recommendation we all got excited for what was coming next. The guys from Denmark rocked the stage immediately, no debt that there came to party and rock hard here. Finest Rock, with a nice Punk-Rock attitude expected us here. The lead singer Bjørn Poulsen also showed his excitement about playing in Hamburg as support for LORD OF THE LOST in between the songs. The band formed in 2014 was rocking the house with catchy songs and a lot of fun on stage.

01. City Light
02. Carloline
03. My Pain
04. A Restless Soul
05. Travel
06. Out In The Country
07. Water
08. Life

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Scarlet Dorn

After a break that was filled with a very entertaining 80ies playlist SCARLET DORN entered the stage. It was already the second time that the newcomer band was touring with LORD OF THE LOST. Chris Harms and Benjamin Lawrenz discovered the lead singer and decided that this voice needed to be heard. So glad that they did! When I saw SCARLET DORN for the first time live on stage last year in May on the first tour I didn’t become a fan immediately. The music style is usually not that much my preference and the performance, as absolutely normal for such a new band, was not that flowing yet. But the debut album ‘Lack Of Light’ showed a very new level of perfection and the vocals are very special and this voice is beautifully deep.


Gared Dirge as member of both bands, LORD OF THE LOST and SCARLET DORN, had a double shift, but also other members of SCARLET DORN had a double task as musicians and part of “The Crew Of The Lost”, everyone got a lot to do, but as it’s even noticeable for fans: the crew around this talented bunch of people is amazing. The gig yesterday was for me this Goosebumps moment that most of us experience at some point: when you fell that you start really loving the songs and realize you recently became a fan. So what more to say: the show yesterday was emotional, amazing and the Goosebumps moments were not hard to find. And the audience celebrated SCARLET DORN as it was their own show. Respect!

01. Hold On To Me
02. Heavy Beauty
03. I’m Armageddon
04. Dream On
05. Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman
06. Snow Black
07. I Don’t Know I Don’t Care
08. Rain
09. Cinderella

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Lord of the Lost

Another break with 80ies classics, the lights turned off and the guys tortured us a little but more with MODERN TALKING. But then finally… kind of an intro from ‘Eye Of The Tiger’, than music turned off, the real intro started, the stage as dark as possible and some movement there in the dark. The mood in the sold-out Markthalle was already on fire when the band started the gig with the bombastic ‘On This Rock I Will Build My Church’. Chris Harms wearing an extravagant sequin shirt and glittering in the stage lights throughout the show. The show was like a crazy, emotional and explosive trip through the history of the band, of course with main focus on the current album ‘Thornstar’. Songs like ‘Loreley’, ‘Morgana’ or ‘Black Halo’ showed the pure majesty of the new songs in their full live power.


But then there were these old but gold songs like ‘Sex On Legs’, ‘Dry The Rain’ or the beautiful ‘Prison’ with the audience choir. An absolute highlight of the whole evening was the naked version of ‘Cut Me Out’ from the new album. This song turned immediately out to be one of the favourites and as I had the honour to listen to some of the new songs in their naked versions during the pre-release fan events, it was very magical - only Chris’ voice and guitar. Another beautiful song from the past was ‘Bad Romance’, the LADY GAGA cover that goes with the bands history almost from the beginning and is always a guarantor for best party mood at the concert. The Hard-Rock-Metal version by LORD OF THE LOST is amazing.


Just the next song was the legendary must-play ‘Blood For Blood’. This crazy song, that the band members themselves seem to associate a little bit with Scooter, is genius and perfect to party on. The band decided not to do official encores anymore and just use the time while usually leaving the stage and coming back for just be able to play one more song. The setlist was huge and the whole set was for sure longer than two hours. I didn’t check the time they started, but it was amazing. A few gags from the crew came along, as it was the last show of the German tour part, some of them we didn’t even get, but another one started with the band just finishing the powerful ‘Die Tomorrow’ and starting laughing on stage while the fans were wondering a bit.


It turned out, the crew sent a nice, funny announcement for the next song on the in-ears of the band. Of course the fans couldn’t hear it, but Chris asked the crew to send the acoustic signal to the main output in the hall and so we all could listen to the really funny announcement by Bengt Jaeschke (Crew of the Lost and SCARLET DORN). The funny and relaxed atmosphere was just perfect for the next song, the genius and “best samba-metal-song in the world” (credits to my sister in crime), just dance and shake your hair, metal heads. And show how much rhythm is flowing through your veins!


Even the longest show is coming to an end and unfortunately it was time for the last song of the night: ‘Lighthouse’ brought a touch of melancholy and the sold-out venue turned out into a sea of lights which was just magical! The show finished and let more than 1,000 pairs of eyes sparkling of joy. A really marvellous night.

01. On This Rock I Will Build My Church
02. Loreley
03. Morgana
04. Full Metal Whore
05. Sex On Legs
06. Naxxah
07. Black Halo
08. Drag Me To Hell
09. Prison
10. Under The Sun
11. Haythor
12. Ruins
13. Dry The Rain
14. Six Feet Underground
15. Cut Me Out
16. Go To Hell
17. Bad Romance (Lady Gaga cover)
18. Blood For Blood
19. Doomsday Disco
20. Die Tomorrow
21. La Bomba
22. Forevermore
23. Lighthouse

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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All Pictures by Marko Jakob

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