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DSC 1167Aurora Concert Hall, Saint Petersburg, Russia
24th February 2017
Lord of the Lost - Raining Stars tour 2017 - Support: Trelleborg

Last time when LORD OF THE LOST was in Russia, it was a year ago also in winter. In July of 2016, the LP called ‘Empyrean’ was released and this tour in 2017 is named “Raining Stars”, as one of the songs of the album. This time, the listeners in Moscow and St. Petersburg were the first who were privileged to hear the songs from the new album live.

Appearing out of the darkness, LORD OF THE LOST took its place on stage noiselessly without lots of pathos, but the charisma of the musicians immediately swamped the club's area. The stage became rock-theatre scene for a while: each of the band's members was individual and the important part of playing. This is the first tour where the band plays with a new guitarist, Pi. He has perfectly fit into the team, becoming an integral part of it. / 

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Music & Performance
The evening was opened by ‘The Love Of God’, a bright musical composition having a memorable sound; the severe and heavy track with an exquisite melody chained and captivated the audience. The crowd was fascinated by Chris Harms, the real enchanter who hides his face behind the mask of hellish makeup. There were no boundaries, embarrassment and the inappropriate words, only feelings through the music. From the first minute of performing it was clear that the band was in a good mood and this show should be a really big bash. After a few songs, a stunning drum solo of Tobias divided crowd into two camps: one part of it wanted to jump, the other decided to listen to his improvisation attentively. But it wasn't the coolest surprise, oh no! The band had an important ultimatum: someone of the fans in the club who came to the concert had to show the boobs, it was written in Russian on the bass of Class. In case of non-fulfilment, the band refused to play. The people in the audience were whispering and laughing, but one of the boy-fans decided to unbutton his shirt to show his chest. The requirement has been fulfilled and the Lords continued to perform.

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At the first notes of every song, the club recognised it and acclaimed emotionally. During dynamic refrains, the voice of Chris fell upon the audience, like a musical downpour, so hard but beautiful. It is always a kind of trust, to die and to be reborn with every line he sang in front of everyone. He did it perfectly. The band was playing almost two hours, but even eternity would not be enough for you when you listen to the band you love. It seemed that the crowd was ready to stand there all night and to miss the subway train, their love had no limits. But sometimes we have to go and to be able to say a warm "see you soon". Russian fans hope to see the favourite band soon, and as all we know the Russian mentality, they sure want to see it as soon as possible. If dark romanticism with its ornate nature could speak, it would be LORD OF THE LOST's music in this evening. It wasn't just one of the band's show, the concert was the long story about the pain and love which consisted of several songs. If you are the disillusioned romantic who still believes that love is the power, singing songs with LOTL is the right way to feel alive.

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01. The Love Of God
02. Kill It With Fire
03. Last Words
04. Drag Me To Hell
05. Kingdom Come
06. Dry the Rain
07. Black Lolita
08. Blood For Blood
09. Full Metal Whore
10. Drum solo
11. We’re All Created Evil
12. In Silence
13. Prison
14. Six Feet Underground
15. Die Tomorrow
16. Fists Up In The Air
17. La Bomba
18. Raining Stars
19. Doomsday Disco

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All pictures by Anastasia Filippova

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