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lotl08Huxley’s Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany
23rd November 2017
Lord Of The Lost - Ensemble Tour - Support: Oh Fyo

For the second time since 2015, LORD OF THE LOST are on an ensemble tour. One of the concerts was later released as a DVD. Also from this tour there should be an official recording. In 2017, ‘Swan Songs II’ was the sequel to this extraordinary musical experiment. The CD features 10 wonderful dark rock symphonies, including ‘Waiting For You To Die’, ‘Lighthouse’, ‘The Broken Ones’ and ‘My Better Me’, which are already known as the video clips. Let's look forward to finally experiencing these titles live.

Oh Fyo

The alternative pop / rock duo OH FYO from Lübeck is accompanying LORD OF THE LOST on this comprehensive six cities/ seven concerts ensemble tour. They've just released their debut album ‘Bravery’ one week ago, available to buy/ stream on all popular online stores and major channels.


Music & Performance
After a short introduction to the evening by Chris Harms the duo consisting of Flix Highfield and Marius Evan entered the stage. Armed only with an acoustic guitar, the two seemed a bit lost on the big stage at Huxley’s. But with the first song, ‘These Days’, from the new album, the size of the stage and the hall was soon forgotten by everyone. The beautiful, clear voice cast a spell over the entire audience. The song ‘Late at Night’, which is included in the April 2017 EP ‘Covered in Gold’ as well as on the current album, was also very well received. For the last song of their performance, OH FYO played ‘Walls of Utopia’ to which there was a video clip. It was very suiting for the rest of the concert evening. A band and a voice that should definitely be remembered. If you like it too, leave a like on their Facebook page.


01. These Days
02. Lights Are Out
03. The Echo
04. Late At Night
05. Love And War
06. New Born
07. Walls Of Utopia

Music: 9
Performance: 7
Sound: 9
Light: 7
Total: 8 / 10

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Lord Of The Lost

Unlike their normal rock and metal and instead of their usual hardness, today they brought a chamber orchestra with strings and piano. The well-known Berlin location Huxley’s also rose to this occasion with a different guise. 500 chairs were delivered extra for the LORD OF THE LOST concert. Some fans, winners of the Meet & Greet, had the chance to meet the band backstage a few hours before the concert. As always, the band was in a good mood and ready for fun. I was told that there were some funny photos that you can even find on the internet. /


Music & Performance
For those who have been to the Ensemble Tour 2015, or those who know the ‘Swan Songs’ CDs, tonight's feeling was one of anticipation. For everyone else it's more curiosity as to how a band will present Rock and Metal songs together with a chamber orchestra. Already with the opener, ‘Raining Stars’ from the 2016 album ‘Empyrean’, the numerous spectators were speechless and captivated. The implementation of the arrangements with an orchestra gives the songs an incredible atmosphere. With only very few of the 500 seats empty, the concert was almost sold out. The band alternated older songs from their history with ones from the ‘Swan Songs II’ CD. Also the four tracks of the current album, which are already known as a video of course, were not missing. After 10 songs, as usual in classical concerts, there was a break of 20 minutes.


Then it went on with ‘Fall Asleep’, but do not worry, no one slept tonight at the Huxley’s! Even the really heavy songs worked great in a new style and the band and the orchestra convinced everyone. It was followed by a politically correct and polite rewritten version ‘Full Metal Whore’ (Full Metal Ball), and ‘Fists Up In The Air’. And indeed all fists went up in the air, not as high as a real Metal concert, but a bit. ‘Annabel Lee’ was sung along by everyone. The audience was now as one with the band and proved that even a seated concert can be very atmospheric. With the classic ‘Credo’ all hands went up and the mood was now at its absolute peak. The band said goodbye to the Berlin audience, but should soon returned for an encore. Chris and Gared presented the MADONNA cover ‘Frozen’ in pairs. The conclusion of an unforgettable concert evening was the two wonderful songs ‘Lost In A Heartbeat’ and ‘Lighthouse’. Now the time had come for the audience to stand again. The whole audience showed their appreciation with huge applause.


It was a truly unforgettable evening. Some of the fans waited even longer for the band to return, but today in vain. Everyone understood and left the Huxley’s after half an hour. The band had a few family members backstage. In addition, a relatively long drive to Bochum awaits the musicians. Incidentally, there will be a recording of the concert there, which, of course, also makes the setup of the stage and technology a lot more complicated. The fans can therefore hope that there will be a follow up DVD of “a night to remember”.

01. Raining Stars
02. Wander In Sable
03. Dry The Rain
04. The Devil You Know
05. Love Of God
06. Ribcages
07. The Sands Of Time
08. Six Feet Underground
09. Beyond Beautiful
10. Waiting For You To Die
11. Fall Asleep
12. Drag Me To Hell
13. Prison
14. See You Soon
15. Full Metal Ball
16. Fists Up In The Air
17. My Better Me
18. Annabel Lee
19. The Broken Ones
20. Credo
21. Frozen (Madonna Cover, Gared & Chris only)
22. Lost In A Heartbeat
23. Lighthouse

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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All pictures by Marko Jakob / Photo meet and greet by Andrè Schwinke

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