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letzteinstanz imaugedessturms
Artist: Letzte Instanz
Title: Im Auge des Sturms
Genre: Folk Metal
Release Date: 29th August 2014
Label: Drakkar Records

Album Review

LETZTE INSTANZ is one of those bands about which it is impossible to say something bad. Everything they do is at least good, at maximum - perfect. Deep and meaningful ideas are covered in beautiful lyrics. Some songs encourage dancing, jumping and head-banging, some are meant rather for a close listening in silence and calmness. The trendy strings wonderfully come over powerful drums and guitars and underline the scratchy vocals. Five people take care about the arrangements. All together talented and hardworking musicians managed to finish eleven full songs in just five months. And they did it on the top of their abilities. What could be more challenging? Right, go back to roots. And that is what they did. No more digital stuff, no more Skype-sharing. Instead, meeting properly once per two weeks in the studio and work with the real instruments, real mood and real forces. Among the normal songs there are several short instrumental introductions hidden.

‘Im Auge des Sturms’ would be the best choice even for those who carefully pick up folk-music. If there is not much folk stuff in your collection and you’d like to refresh it – give this album a chance. But to be completely honest, if you already have something by LETZTE INSTANZ, SCHANDMAUL or SUBWAY TO SALLY – probably you already have the best samples of modern Medieval-music made in Germany. If you’re not into this scene, even such a well-done work could seem quite boring and will serve for nothing more but collecting dust on your shelf. If you don’t speak or at least don’t understand German language, you’ll be cut of one third part of greatness of the album. The songs which deserve special attention are ‘Ganz egal’, ‘Traum im Traum’, ‘Koma’ and ‘Zusammen’.


01. Alles anders
02. Ganz egal
03. Traum im Traum
04. Deuxieme mouvement
05. Das letzte Mal
06. Der Panther
07. Im Auge des Sturms
08. Koma
09. C3H5
10. Nein
11. Verweht
12. Die Zeit
13. Opus III
14. Zusammen


Holly Loose – Vocals
Benni Cellini – Cello
M. Stolz – Violin
Oli – Guitar
Michael – Bass
David Pätsch – Drums

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letzteinstanz imaugedessturms


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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