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Backstage, Munich, Germany
5th November 2010
Letzte Instanz & Mina Harker

Last Friday, I got on the way to the Backstage to see the LETZTE INSTANZ on their ‘Heilige Tour’ which is named after their current album 'Heilig'. Due to the number of sold tickets, the concert was moved in the bigger Backstage Werk.

Mina Harker

MINA HARKER is a German Darkwave duet which exists since 2005. Members are Mina Harker (voice, programming) and Alexander Gorodezki (guitar, programming). Their music is a mixture of electronic music and hard guitars following the example set by UNHEILIG or L'ÂME IMMORTELLE.

Music & Performance
About half an hour later than planned, MINA HARKER appeared on stage. However, the band was convincing rather optically with front woman Mina Harker (at least the male persons present) as musical: The resonance on their music was rather hold back and most listeners preferred to talk in the meantime still to others. After about 45 minutes, they left stage accompanied of moderate applause.

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 6.8 / 10

Letzte Instanz

14 years ago, the rock band in the Wave Gothic style LETZTE INSTANZ was founded in Dresden. Their music unites influences from classic and folk rock. This year, they published the second part of a trilogy with the album 'Heilig' which began last year with the publication of 'Schuldig‘.

Music & Performance
Then after the rebuilding break, finally Holly Loose (voice), Holly D. (acoustic guitar), Oli (electric guitar), M. Stolz (violin), Benny Cellini (cello), Michael Ende (bass) and David Pätsch (percussions) appeared behind a red, translucent curtain. From the beginning they had the huge number of fans firmly in the hands: Nearly everybody danced, joined in the singing and clapped! The “sports programme” reached from going down on the knees up to hop. We could feel during the whole concert that the band obviously had a lot of fun playing here in Munich.

After one and a half hour, they said goodbye to the fans for the first time after a diverse programme. Nevertheless, they came back again for additions which again lasted something about 45 minutes! The fans were visibly out of breath, but also did not want to let the band go. By the end, MINA HARKER also came on the stage to sing with Holly Loose, before the evening approached the end and the band was released with frenzied applause. This evening had absolutely succeeded and will remain to many - just as the muscular strain after the concert - long in memory.

01. Intro 2010 & Dein Gott
02. Schau in mein Gesicht
03. Neue Helden
04. Atme!
05. Der Garten
06. Maskenball
07. Schlaf, Schlaf!
08. Flucht ins Glück
09. Tanz
10. Dein Licht
11. Monument der Stille
12. Ohne Dich
13. Eismeer
14. Der letzte Tag
15. Komm!
16. Finsternis
17. Mein Engel
18. Jeden Morgen
19. Todestag
20. Wir sind allein
21. Kalter Glanz
22. Rapunzel
23. Die Winterträne

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 9.2 / 10

All pictures by Erika Knepper (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

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