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Artist: Mina Harker
Title: Bittersüß
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 24th June 2011
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

Out Of Line is one of the top leading labels in so called “black scene”. It is bringing another interesting and for some people a long-awaited release. I'm talking about MINA HARKER’s new album ‘Bittersüß’ (Bittersweet). Mina's debut work ‘Tiefer’ was released on the first of January in 2008 and after a little bit more than three years of silence, Mina is ready to please listeners once more.

One of the most interesting MINA HARKER’s distinctive features is a great combination of styles. ‘Bittersüß’ is a great mixture of German alternative rock, powerful electronic pop music with a carefully added dark atmosphere there and there. This unordinary mix can be noticed especially while listening to ‘Bittersüß’ as well as ‘Tiefer’. All highly emotional, pretty often very direct and even sometimes with provocative lyrics on ‘Bittersüß’ are in German language, so if you don't speak it fluently, you might simply misunderstood meanings behind Mina's sweet voice and carefully chosen words, but you still would be able enjoying her music.

Every song on this CD has something special what differs it from the others. Also there is a high contrast in some songs that is especially easy to hear in tracks like ‘Nie mehr’ and ‘In mir’. It perfectly show to us  how many-sided MINA HARKER’s music can be. ‘Bittersüß’ is a pretty strong work, but even on this CD I was able to find few songs that are a bit weak, monotonous and forgive me this... a bit boring. But to be true I don't find it too bad for an album which consist of 11 songs pretty much different by their structure including some very interesting compositions like ‘Rache ist süß’ for example.


01. Bittersüß
02. Macht
03. Rache ist süß
04. Fort von mir
05. Lolita
06. Schmutzige Hände
07. Wenn ich von Dir träum
08. Nie mehr allein
09. Verdammnis in mir
10. Nackt
11. Nichts zu verlieren


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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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