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Title: Tiefer
Artist: Mina Harker
Genre: Goth Rock
Release Date: 31st October 2008
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

The “Orkus Newcomer 2008”, German band MINA HARKER had its first-time live appearance on this year’s Amphi festival and now release their debut album ‘Tiefer’ on Out of Line’.

The band’s sound is labelled as Gothic Rock. Well, let’s call it a quite poppy approach to that musical genre with lots of electronics and heavy guitar stuff. The electronics are directly introduced in the intro sequence of the opener which is simultaneously the title track to the album. After a short while the drums and guitars come in and everything is topped off with a few piano chords and mighty strings in the background. The strings are sometimes more sometimes less present on the tracks. While the music is pretty much standard yet well produced music, the voice of MINA HRKER herself is excellent. Sounds trained to me. She usually sings all the songs alone, but on ‘Bis zum Tod’, a rather pushing track, OOMPH vocalist Dero joins her for a duet and provides a contrast to her own voice. Throughout the album, balladry songs alternate with more rhythm oriented driving rock tunes, so something for every taste.

The band will surely find a loyal fan base with their music which is well-produced, but doesn’t match my personal taste. Guess the gothic mainstream will love it.


01. Tiefer – 3:40
02. Letzter Kuss – 3:52
03. Bis zum Tod – 3:55
04. Gefallener Engel – 3:44
05. Wie im Traum – 3:10
06. Nacht – 3:40
07. Nebel – 3:15
08. Tränen – 4:01
09. Ohne Dich – 3:02
10. Dein Licht – 4:26
11. Fühlst du mich – 3:54


Mina Harker – Vocals, Programming
Alexander Gorodetzki – Guitars, Programming


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Music: 5
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 6


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