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Benni Cellini (Cello) of Letzte Instanz

It is the 20th October 2010; still a good 3 hours until the start of the concert; late autumn weather and I was invited to the tour bus. Yes, Benni Cellini has taken some time for me. With open arms and a smile on his lips he comes to meet me. Along the "HEILIG"-Tour I want to ask him some questions. I tell him about my interview idea and realize immediately that he is curious. The word "HEILIG" (holy) inspired me to ask him private things. And so each letter has a particular meaning…

H - Heimat (home)

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): What do you associate with home or did you feel at home?
Benni: Oh, I have a huge sense of home; I live in Radebeul (near Dresden, Germany) and do not feel as one of Dresden. Dresden is already so big and far away. (laughs)

RoD: Do you like the river Elbe?
Benni: Oh yes, I like to go along to it. And I like the city of Hamburg at the end of this river.

RoD: And when you're away; do you think of home?
Benni: Absolutely. Once I would like to make trips around the world: China, Turkey, India ... and always return.

RoD: Tours around the world with the LETZTE INSTANZ?
Benni: The world is so great, why not? I could imagine.

E - Eltern (parents)

RoD: How did you grow up?
Benni: I come from a family of writers (my father and grandfather) and I was very traditional educated German. This has affected me and I don’t want miss these values.

RoD: Are you the only child?
Benni: No, I have 2 sisters and I am always glad when the whole family gathers.

RoD: How do you bring family and the band together?
Benni: My family is very important - especially at Christmas. The colleagues of the LETZTE INSTANZ are also very important to me.

RoD: Can you separate these two worlds?
Benni: That's about 50:50; and a separation must be. I don’t want to miss any of them.

I - Intelligenz (Intelligence)

RoD: Do you see yourself as intelligent?
Benni: Right at the outset I would like to turn over intelligence once in stupidity: Nazis are unintelligent! Many speak of things without thinking and they're very superficial: they don’t understand a lot! Thank you, that I could say that.

RoD: What are the reasons for your success?
Benni: Strict discipline, constant practice and a little talent. (laughs loudly)

L - Lebensmotto (Motto of Life)

RoD: You like a quiet life?
Benni: For me there is no standing still and I never get bored.

RoD: So you're constantly "in move"?
Benni: Oh yes, I never have time but Sunday is sacred to me and my family.

RoD: Is there space for dreams or plans in your living ?
Benni: Once I have stayed in a hostel in US; simple and modest. I liked it; it was like a big family, totally comfortable.

RoD: And now you probably want to open himself one, too?
Benni: That would be a dream, but I have not yet found the right property. In my region all good houses are too expensive or already used, an old villa would be great.

I - Idole (Idols)

RoD: Do you have idols, role models?
Benni: Yes, several. Enumerate all would take a long time, but first I would call my father. He has taught me: "Think first and then talk." I'm always so.

RoD: And music? Is there even any?
Benni: Oh yes, my cello teacher Wolfram Huschke. Even after 15 years we are still friends and more than just the music connect us. He is still very human. I owe him my project LANDÜBER.

RoD: What do you think of other artists?
Benni: Especially I like Sinead O'Connor and got all their records and I'm a fan of Herbert Grönemeyer.

RoD: Are you interested in politics?
Benni: Not really….

G - Glück (Luck)

RoD: How do you define happiness?
Benni: A real feeling of happiness for me was the birth of my second son. Family is the best luck in my life.

RoD: Is there any happiness outside the family?
Benni: Well, to be at the right time at right place.

RoD: Do you have luck with or in music?
Benni: A very luck is even to play with the LETZTE INSTANZ after all these years. Fortunately, the smaller luck is the performance with my own project LANDÜBER.

RoD: Do you set priorities?
Benni: Earlier I had wild years with "thump on it"-mentality.

RoD: Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll?
Benni: Well, almost. Now I have matured and become quieter.

RoD: Is there something you would feel as bad luck?
Benni: Separation; whether in the family or in music.

RoD: Benni, thank you for this “holy” interview and your precious time for it.
Benni: Oh yes, it was different and I was honest… mostly.

RoD: This interview will be released at Christmas time.
Benni: I look forward to it like a little child.

RoD: I wish you a pleasant evening and a great show.
Benni: Thank you. After the show we will meet us for drinking beer. /

All pictures by Holm Pajung

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