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Clan of XymoxCK A2, Wroclaw, Poland
24th January 2020
Clan of Xymox

CLAN OF XYMOX is a band well known to Polish fans due to the broadcast of Tomasz Beksiński and thanks to numerous performances both in clubs and at festivals. The group considered to be DARK WAVE classics was founded in the Dutch city of Nijmegen in 1981. Initially, they acted as a duo composed of Ronny Moorings (keyboards, guitar, vocals) and Anke Wolbert (bass guitar, vocals).

Since the signing of the contract with 4AD, they have recorded many albums appreciated by fans and journalists. Their next albums were released by Universal Music, Trisol and Metropolis Records. Their best albums include: ‘Creatures’ (1999), ‘Notes Of The Underground’ (2001), ‘Farewell’ (2003), ‘Breaking Point’ (2006), ‘In Love We Trust’ (2009), ‘Darkest Hour’ (2011) and ‘Matters Of Mind, Body and Soul’ (2014). So far, they have released 15 studio albums, 2 DVDs, a concert album, a compilation album ‘The Best Of’ and an album with covers, ‘Kindred Spirits’ (2012). Their last album, ‘Days Of Black’, was released in April 2017. The band performed in both large concert halls and small clubs. Live CLAN OF XYMOX is composed of Ronny Moorings (vocals, guitar melody), Mojca (bass), Mario (guitar / bass), Sean (keys, vocals) and Daniel (keyboards). The band’s leader has been Ronny Moorings from the very beginning, who composes and records songs in his own studio “The Torture Chamber”. /

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Music & Performance
CLAN OF XYMOX surely made us wait a bit before visiting again… but all the waiting was definitely paid off. The Wroclaw show was initially planned to take place in a much smaller venue, but due to the enormous interest in the concert it was relocated to one of the biggest concert halls in Wroclaw. I must say it was a perfectly prepared performance - not only in terms of music and the show itself, but also lights and sound. The crowd gathered in CKA2 could enjoy not only some new songs by the band, but above all a number of well-known classics that actually build up the band’s reputation and huge fan base. Dark, melancholic tunes and brilliant guitar sounds created magnificent, a bit nostalgic atmosphere that the audience enjoyed.

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In breaks between particular songs Ronny chatted and joked with the audience and it was clear the audience responded with huge enthusiasm. CLAN OF XYMOX is the band that is enormously appreciated in Poland and the perfection of the show they offered and a truly magical night they created brought some nice memories to many people. Some friends could not attend the show asked me afterwards - are they in good shape? Well, what can I say - like hell they are! Brilliant show!

01. Stranger
02. Your Kiss
03. Jasmine And Rose
04. Louise
05. Emily
06. Hail Mary
07. Leave Me Be
08. Loneliness
09. She
10. Muscoviet Mosquito
11. Obsession
12. A Day
13. In love we trust
14. Cry in the Wind
15. Back Door
16. This World
17. Going Round
18. Farewell

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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All pictures by Karo Kratochwil

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