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Clan of XymoxCircus Probst at Revierpark Nienhausen, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
23rd October 2020
Clan Of Xymox - “Konzertsommer im Revier” - Special guests: The Foreign Resort

Here we are now, so very close to the second kind-of-lockdown and for the second time this year I am writing about my last concert for probably another longer while again. But before getting all depressed, I want you once more to go back to this dark, but magical evening at Circus Probst on 23rd of October with two amazing bands giving two shows and everything possible to enjoy the last two shows for - as they said themselves already - probably a while.

The Foreign Resort

THE FOREIGN RESORT from Denmark were a very good fit to support CLAN OF XYMOX on this afternoon and later evening. With their driving Post Punk & fresh take on New Wave they have been recently conquering the hearts of music fans in no time across the globe. Their current album ‘Outnumbered’ shows a growth and love to exploring all the dark and beautiful hidden sites of human soul. This album made me fall in love with this band’s work and I highly recommend you to use the dark November nights to spin it if you haven’t yet.

tfr D3S1833 klein

Music & Performance
The set in Gelsenkirchen was of course short compared to a full-time show, but absolutely on fire! Especially the first show took part in front of a very small audience, but still the guys (also there were only two of them this time due to personal reasons) managed to feel the void and all the space in between creating a feeling of “together apart” in the venue. It was heart-warming to see people dance and support the artists all the way. I am sure even in that small crowd THE FOREIGN RESORT managed to actually find new fans. ‘Obsession’ felt like a good intro to choose for an evening full of music, darkness and kind of pessimistic outlook towards the upcoming weeks while still trying to enjoy the hell out of that night. ‘Hearts Fade Out’ going further into the darkness and this bittersweet desperate feeling - oh too real. ‘She Is Lost’ making a beautiful dancing track for all those missing parties, dancing until sunrise - oh the good old days.

tfr D4S5161 klein

Further to ‘Suburban Depression’ and Mikkel mentioning that this might be one of the last shows for a while for them - and for us. It actually took just a few days to know this was real. Dancing right into the depression - oh, we Goths know how to celebrate the world going down. Not much to say about ‘Flushed’ - just listen to it and don’t tell me you didn’t get goosebumps from it. Finishing this part of the evening with ‘Dead End Roads’ - “You never know when they’ll try to bring you down; You know it’s all just entertainment” - could not become more real as it did when our government announced a few days later the “Lockdown Light”, forcing cultural events to be cancelled for the month of November, no matter the concept while there is still for many no real help in this situation.

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Setlist show 1 & 2
01. Obsession
02. Hearts Fade Out
03. She Is Lost
04. Suburban Depression
05. Quiet Again
06. Flushed
07. Dead End Roads

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9.5 / 10

tfr D4S5218 klein

Clan Of Xymox

CLAN OF XYMOX started in 1985 as XYMOX in Nijmegen. Their list of releases is more than impressive and they released just in 2020 their latest album ‘Spider On The Wall’ along with the maxi singles ‘She’ and ‘Lovers’. I can absolutely recommend you to dive deeper into their history, there is a lot of amazing music and stories to be found, a totally fascinating scene legend from the first hours to nowadays.

cox D3S1893 klein

Music & Performance
Already thinking that THE FOREIGN RESORT managed to depress us with the music and comments in between - Ronny Moorings just brought the feeling of apocalypse coming for us to perfection. I am lacking words to describe the atmosphere when you are in a circus tent, dancing to perfectly performed Dark Wave, in a hardly filled venue (due to the new regulations, as the previously planned show had to be split in two and even before only part of the seats were available), wearing masks throughout the whole evening, along with announcements for songs like “Here is the soundtrack for the upcoming week, when we all are back in lockdown - ‘Loneliness’”. Oh well, too much reality this evening, but actually just a perfect time to dive into depression while still being surrounded by friends and live music.

cox D3S1910 klein

But first of all, we started with ‘Stranger’ and have been kidnapped in the dark world of music somewhere between the 80ies and today. CLAN OF XYMOX’ music feels timeless while still transporting all the emotions throughout decades that influenced them and the generations. ‘Jasmine & Rose’ - timeless beauty in the journey of time - this song reminds me of my own early years in the scene, 15-year-old just discovering this whole new world and dancing once a month at that one Goth & Wave party that my previous home town at least had to offer. Nothing else, just dance and dive into memories and hopes of past and future days. Also, probably no need to tell you much more about ‘Louise’ and ‘Emily’ - I love both and was happy to hear them and dance the sorrows for a tiny moment away.

cox D3S1923 klein

A few songs later the previously announced ‘Loneliness’ followed - if you ask me, just take both setlists from both bands and make your own playlist for the upcoming evenings. An extra appreciation moment for the amazing live performance - authentical, real, mysterious - honest. Dancing with a broken heart was probably my personal motto for this evening - just the heart was broken for different reasons as it was supposed to be years ago. Ronny’s voice, always so far-away, atmospheric and kind of space-covering - no wonder that space and time don’t seem to matter when the songs of CLAN OF XYMOX are playing. The lovely evening of comfortable darkness ended with ‘Farewell’ - another song that was announced as part of our Lockdown soundtrack - never forget where you came from and going towards.

cox D4S5261 klein

Last thing to tell, hoping to be able to write more live reviews sooner than later and not having to wait another 173 days - thank you for the music, the magic and the space that was given to our feelings to actually just be heard and exist. These afternoon & evening were a blessing beside all obstacles.

Setlist show 1 & 2
01. Stranger
02. Your Kiss
03. Jasmine & Rose
04. Louise
05. Emily
06. All I Ever Know
07. Lovers
08. Loneliness
09. She
10. Muscoviet Mosquito
11. Obsession
12. A Day
13. Cry in the Wind
14. Back Door
15. Spider on the Wall
16. Farewell (only first chow)

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9.5 / 10

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All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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