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Ship of RebelsAchterdeck Köln, Cologne, Germany
28th July 2023
Ship of Rebels 2023 with Zoodrake, The Foreign Resort, Black Nail Cabaret and Chrom

Ship Of Rebels - what sounds like a pirate adventure is one of the most familiar festivals. As the name suggests, the festival takes place open air on a ship. Since 2018, the Rebels Florian Schäfer (singer of the band NOYCE TM) and Jean-Pierre Reuter have been organising this special event. Here, well-known and lesser-known artists of the (Dark) Electro scene meet to celebrate together with a horde of spectators on a trip across the Rhine. This year the following bands are on board:

ZOODRAKE ais the project of musician Hilton Theissen. Among a few other bands, he has been running the band since 2019 and is supported live by Silvveil. Silvveil wears a metal mask and a hoodie at his gigs. His identity remains a mystery to this day. The music of ZOODRAKE goes in the direction of synth pop, but due to Theissen’s musical history the music is often supported by an electric guitar. /

The Foreign Resort
From Denmark comes the three-piece band THE FOREIGN RESORT who want to bring passengers closer to their music this evening. They already wowed the audience at the Amphi Festival 2022 with their New Wave and Post-Punk music. The unique melancholic voice of singer Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen and the melodic sound of the band really capture the listener. Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen (vocals), Steffan Petersen (bass) and Morten Hansen (drums) founded THE FOREIGN RESORT back in 2008 and can look back on countless releases since then. /

Black Nail Cabaret
Another passenger on the Ship of Rebels is the exceptional duo BLACK NAIL CABARET from Hungary. In recent years, the two have achieved considerable success. They have already performed at many festivals and also thrilled audiences as support for other bands. The electronic, danceable beats with melodious synth sound are combined with the clear voice of singer Emese Orvai-Illés to form a perfect package. While keyboardist and producer Krisztián Árvai live rather acts quietly behind his keys, Emese Orvai-Illés is in the foreground on stage. The slender singer quickly captivates the audience with her singing and makes every performance unforgettable.

Another highlight on the ship will be the German band CHROM. Christian Marquis’ longstanding interest in Synth Pop, EBM and club electro led him to found the band CHROM. This preference is naturally reflected in his music, driving beats, powerful basses and melodies that stay in your head. As the last album ‘Peak & Decay’ was released in 2016, we hope for new music and a new album in 2023. For a long time, Thomas Winters was the man behind the keys. But for this show, there will be a surprise since the man behind the keyboard will definitely be new. If you want to know who will be behind the keys of CHROM or if you have never seen this band live, you should not miss this event. /

Additional Festival Info
Boarding (Doors): 16:00
Start (First Band) : 17:15
Tickets: are available from 35.26 € (incl. charges pre-sale) via
Facebook Event:

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