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theforeignresort outnumbered
Artist: The Foreign Resort
Title: Outnumbered
Genre: Post Punk
Release Date: 5th April 2019
Label: Artoffact Records

Album Review

THE FOREIGN RESORT, a band from Copenhagen, Denmark, has already reached their well-earned place in the Dark Wave and Post Punk scene and far beyond, the European as well the American fans of greatly composed dark and emotional songs value them and the live dates are totally reflecting it. ‘Outnumbered’ is already the 7th full-length release of the Danish masters of Post Punk riffs and vocals full of melancholy and it shows, once again, how well deserved the success of THE FOREIGN RESORT is.

With the first sing called ‘In Gloom’ the new album has an immediate strong start, impressive Post-Punk guitar sound, catching the attention right from the start and the unmistakable vocals of Mikkel B. Jacobsen. ‘In Gloom’ is a really strong, dark and driving track that shows a lot of the band’s soul and gives an engaging album start. ‘Burn In The Night’ has more of the Dark Wave attitude, a dark, dreamy song for the dancing in the shadows. ‘Summer’ is full of heavy and soft sounds. Not a typical summer song, indeed. Which is not surprising of course. It’s a short instrumental, dreaming away, taking a breath, thinking about life.

‘She Is Lost’ is a dreamy, reminding of the glory 80ies play of the drums and guitars with soft and enchanting vocals. A touch of THE CURE and a lot of the band’s own tone. ‘Clouds’ is more straight-forward and has a vibrating, dark and abysmally effect. Back to the driving guitars, the taste of the past decades with the heart pain of today’s world in the vocals of ‘Obsessing’. All the passion, pain and somewhere between hopeful and hopeless, caught in the capsule of the song (and the album itself). ‘Hearts Fade Out’ plays with sensual, but deep black verses and more playful chorus.

And then there is another “summer” song… ‘Hot Summers’ is much more driving than the instrumental ‘Summer’; it literally reminds of how summers might have been in the crazy and freedom-loving 80ies. I really love the feeling that this song creates. Rebellion, love, freedom, and never-ending nights. And what is coming after the summer? Alright, the ‘Fall’ is here. Such an amazing, dreamy, enchanting melody. Another beautiful instrumental track in between the driving guitars. Lovely details and great compositions. ‘Send You Heart To The Riot’ is not as rebellious as you might think from the title, but emotionally deep and just cool as it is. And then there is the last song and the title track of the album, ‘Outnumbered’. Heavy, pitch black, bringing the abyss so close to you. Hard, demanding vocals, riffs, drum beats. The probably most intense song of the whole release, a glimpse of the darkness, the human abyss and emotional spread. A really strong release with so much love to the detail and emotional roller coaster scenery.


01. In Gloom
02. Burn In The Night
03. Summer
04. She Is Lost
05. Clouds
06. Obsessing
07. Hearts Fade Out
08. Hot Summers
09. Fall
10. Send Your Heart To The Riot
11. Outnumbered


Henrik Fischlein - Guitar, bass
Mikkel B. Jakobsen - Vocals, guitar
Morten Hansen - Drums, vocals

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theforeignresort outnumbered


Music: 10
Sound: 9
Total: 9.5 / 10

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