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theforeignresort outremixed
Artist: The Foreign Resort
Title: OutRemixed
Genre: Post Punk
Release Date: 19th November 2021
Label: Artoffact Records

Album Review

I’m beginning to feel something of a remix myself as these albums keep on coming my way and I have to try and dislodge myself from a musical Groundhog Day that doesn’t even have the decency to throw a cute rodent at me. I like THE FOREIGN RESORT. I think their power and passion translates well from their stunningly immersive live shows into the studio. I like their last album, ‘Outnumbered’. And I like quite a few of the bands lined up here to do the remixes, presenting a veritable who’s who of cool mates and favours returned.

But put it all together and, as is nearly always the case with these things, you are left with a big hollow feeling of what’s-the-point? Album not good enough first-time round? Remix it. Need some extra cash? Remix it, re-release it. Run out of ideas, contractual obligations, treading water? Remix it. Basically, there are no positive reasons why an album like ‘Outnumbered’ needs messing with, unless it’s given away free with the initial recording as a bonus. So, to be blunt. Here are ten really good songs, that are now ten different versions of those really good songs, and if that’s something you have to have in your life then fair enough.

But I’ll go one step further. When, for example, BOOTBLACKS - a seriously good band in their own right - tamper with ‘Outnumbered’, they make it far too much their own, creating a sort of BOOTBLACKS B-side, which does nothing for either themselves, or THE FOREIGN RESORT. The HAPAX remix does the same thing - dragging the original into a place that doesn’t suit it. So, what you end up with here is a rather odd and self-indulgent tribute album, which seems wholly redundant for a band still going strong and bursting with creativity and energy.

Can we all stop with this nonsense please and write some new stuff. Thanks.


01. Hot Summers (Melted Mirror Remix)
02. Send Your Heart To The Riot (Creux Lies Remix)
03. Burn In The Night (Nite Remix)
04. Outnumbered (Bootblacks Remix)
05. She Is Lost (Hapax Remix)
06. Obsessing (New Canyons Remix)
07. Clouds (Candelabre Remix)
08. In Gloom (TRAITRS Remix)
09. Hearts Fade Out (Then Comes Silence Remix)
10. Clouds (Vapour Trail Remix by Gordon Young)


Steffan Petersen – Bass
Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen – Guitar, Vocals

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theforeignresort outremixed


Music: 5
Sound: 5
Total: 5 / 10

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