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foreignresort ep
Artist: The Foreign Resort
Title: The Foreign Resort EP
Genre: Indie/Shoegaze
Release Date: 2nd December 2011
Label: afmusic

Single Review

THE FOREIGN RESORT was formed in Copenhagen in 2006 and plays on a premise of combining Post-Rock, New Wave and Shoegaze, its influences laid in THE CURE, TEARS FOR FEARS and JOY DIVISION. And for sure you can hear that here, the melancholy with the catchiness and intensity combined under an ethereal atmosphere. It’s weird, but it works. Although they pay homage to the bands mentioned earlier, they manage not to sound only as their mere clones. The catchiness and sense of melody make it sound even Pop, but in a way when Pop used to have a substance. The first two songs illustrated this point the most. ‘Heart Breaks Down’ & ‘Take a Walk’ is more down the JOY DIVISION, with a little reminisce of NIN too, road and with the last song forms the darker, denser part of the single. The Shoegaze orientation gives the music its dreaminess but with the combination of the other trends there is no slippage into inertia and stoner dissipation of energy. A very good release from a band that might and/or should bring a breath of fresh air into the scene.


01. Colleen
02. Orange Glow
03. Heart Breaks Down
04. Take a Walk
05. Torch It


Mikkel B. Jakobsen – vocals, guitar
Henrik Fischlein – guitar
Rasmus Steen – bass
Morten Hansen – drums, vocals

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foreignresort ep


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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