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foreignresort newfrontiers
Artist: The Foreign Resort
Title: New Frontiers
Genre: New Wave/ Indie/ Post-Punk
Release Date: 29th August 2014
Label: Reptile Music/ Ignition

Album Review

You know you’re onto something good five seconds into recent single ‘Dead End Roads’, the opening burst of post-punky angst by Danish export THE FOREIGN RESORT. The white hot guitars are tempered by a harsh electronic beat and a pulsing bass, and Mikkel Jakobsen’s quavering, emotional vocals. He sounds like he could make a shopping list sound anxious and gloomy. Which is what you want really when you are wearing your influences loudly and proudly like badges on a patchouli laced leather jacket. There’s THE CHAMELEONS bashing heads bizarrely with NIN on the urgent head-rush of ‘Breaking Apart’, or THE CURE, in their more whimsical moments on ‘Alone’, a song of beautifully contrasting shades. There’s even a bit of Dave Gahan and friends lurking in the shadows on the vastly layered and thrilling ‘Flushed’. But nothing here ever dips into mere copying. ‘New frontiers’ is its own boss, and it’s a confident and exhilarating whole that is presented here.

Elsewhere, there’s the moody electronic throb of ‘Dead Leaves’, the heavily echoed vocals on the dark rock ‘n roll of the title track, which explodes into life more than once when least expected, and ‘Quiet Again’, which is a lush and melancholic slice of Shoegaze. There’s barely a weak moment here, even ‘Landslide’, which seems slightly out of place, is still no slouch. And by album finale ‘Dark White’, it feels as though THE FOREIGN RESORT have you by the heart and the throat and won’t be letting go until you go back to the beginning and listen to everything again.

Which is exactly what I’ll be doing.


01. Dead End Roads
02. Breaking Apart
03. Alone
04. Flushed
05. Dead Leaves
06. New Frontiers
07. Quiet Again
08. Landslide
09. Dark White


Mikkel B. Jakobsen – Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Henrik Fischlein – Guitar/Bass
Morten Hansen – Drums/Vocals

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foreignresort newfrontiers


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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