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greyhawk callofthehawk
Artist: Greyhawk
Title: Call Of The Hawk
Genre: US Power Metal / Epic Metal
Release Date: 8th February 2022
Label: Fighter Records

Album Review

After 2020s ‘Keepers Of The Flame’ the mighty GREYHAWK return with a five-shots, a five hits EP called ‘Call Of The Hawk’. The first Song ‘Steelbound’ was also the first single that was released by the Seattle based Epic Metal band. To state that this track is a straight banger is an understatement. ‘Call Of The Hawk’ starts with the triumphant sound screech which is a signature of the hawk, the song is melodic, driven and it does rip. Song number three, ‘Demon Star’, is a very theatrical song that is cheesy as fuck but mesmerizing an very melody driven at the same time (which makes it my favourite after ‘Steelbound’).

‘Shattered Heart’ is a bit more on the up-tempo side of heavy music, melodic and with amazing vocals just like everything from GREYHAWK of course. The last song ‘Take The Throne’ is, if possible, even more on the epic side of GREYHAWK, reminding me of Game of Thrones with all the talk about schemes, towers and castles. If you like your steel epic, melodic and seriously just fucking good you ow it to yourself to give ‘Call Of The Hawk’ a spin or just buy everything these guys have on Bandcamp. I can’t wait for the next full-length!


01. Steelbound
02. Call Of The Hawk
03. Demon Star
04. Shattered Heart
05. Take The Throne


Darin Wall – Bass
Jesse Berlin – Guitars
Nate Butler – Drums
Rev Taylor – Vocals
Jacquwelynn Ziel – Guitars

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greyhawk callofthehawk


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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