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jetaime passive
Artist: Je T’Aime
Title: Passive
Genre: Post Punk / New Wave
Release Date: 14th February 2022
Label: Manic Depression Records

Album Review

Looks like Valentine’s Day will be very hot this year because that’s the exact date when the brand-new album by the French Post-Punk prodigies JE T’AIME, entitled ‘Passive’, will be released. Part of a double album, it features the amount of heat, emotions and hard-hitting sounds that will definitely make your February burn.

The trio JE T’AIME released their first single, ‘The Sound’, back in 2018. With the follow up of the subsequent releases and the brand new one ‘Passive’, they are slowly but steadily making their way in the Post Punk scene. I came across the band’s music around two years ago as a result of a friend’s recommendation, and so my journey with their music started for good. Last year I had a chance to see them in Prague and it was indeed quite spectacular to come into interaction with the living, breathing (and kicking) rebel their music truly is. It combines old and new in a fresh and individual way, proving emotions and instrumental mastery may result in unique artistic and creative ideas.

I do not think you can mistake Daniel Armand’s vocal with anything else at the moment. Once you hear it, you can’t forget it. It has a load of emotions and ways of expressing them built to it: sadness, love, passion, aggression, sex, yearning, melancholy, pain, triumph, satisfaction, desperation, irony. All of them are there, vibrating with the fine resonance, reflecting the story the artists decide to tell with each song. It’s complex, burning with energy and heart-rendering with a soft, emotional palette. My favourite track, ‘Dirty tricks’, operates on, nomen est omen, dirty guitars, fast-paced melodies, distortions and Daniel Armand’s exquisite screaming / crying / scanning vocal. It makes me think of Robert Smith or Morrissey at times.

But then you have songs like ‘Lonely Days’, ‘Cold’, or ‘On the Phone’, which offer genuine and brilliant Post Punk sounds that add a fabulous, energetic vibe to the whole release. Or those like ‘Unleashed’, ‘Blood on Fire’ and the truly smashing, fantastic ‘Give me More Khol’ - the real dancefloor (or mosh pit) killers. The album closes with ‘Marble Heroes’, a thoughtful, powerful, yet delicate and beautiful song that will leave you a bit heart-aching, melancholic, and nostalgic. I totally fell in love with that one, and that’s the second-best piece on the album, in my view.

‘Passive’ is an album that is in overall impression keeping the consistency of melodic line and atmosphere; its forte lies in gentle soul-stirring tones that change, mingle in between light and dark modes like iridescent, delicate leaves in the sun. The intensity and dramatism of some parts juxtapose the vitality and feistiness of others. Every subsequent listening to the album lets one discover another shade, another sensation hidden amongst the sounds and lyrics that gives a fine, complex and diversified material. If you appreciate sonic perfection of pounding and dirty guitars, poignant, heart-rendering vocals and refinement of emotional states given in the form of rebellious, untamed Post Punk, then ‘Passive’ is your choice.


01. Anoher Day In Hell
02. Dirty Tricks
03. Lonely Days
04. Unleashed
05. Stupid Songs (feat. Ophelia from Saigon Blue Rain)
06. Cold
07. Blood On Fire
08. Give me More Kohl
09. On The Phone
10. Marble Heroes


dBoy - Programming, Synths, Bass, Guitar & Vocal
Tall Bastard - Bass & Guitar
Crazy Z. - Programming, Synths, Bass, Guitar


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jetaime passive


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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